"the snowflakes vanquished"

“the snowflakes vanquished”

the snow queen’s palace is guarded by her snowflake army. unsure of how to reach kay, gerda’s frozen breath becomes angels who subdue the army.

i love drawing armor, especially fantasy armor. this was painted in the midst of my klimt / pre-raphaelite infatuation. or maybe it was love bc i still adore them, they just don’t quite influence my art as much as they did at this time. 

edward burne jones & his androgynous pre-raphaelite people was a huge influence on me. also, the angels don’t have nipples or navels bc they’re not human. that used to matter to me. i’ve since mellowed out on the eschatological details.

the only thing that really bothers about this painting is gerda. i painted her too adult. waaaaaay too adult. i was going for 12 & she looks 21. in my defense, this was one of the first paintings in the series i did & i don’t think i’d mentally settled on their ages yet. i think, a lot, about repainting it, but i doubt i will. eventually you have to just let things go or you’ll lose your mind. the original painting is india ink, watercolor & oil pastel. it was painted on strathmore bristol smooth 100 lb. paper. this, before i found the heavy canson i work on now, was my paper of choice. the smooth paper surface allows excellent application of india ink without snags or feathering. its crispness also enables a precise paint application & jewel-like colors. the painting measures 17″ x 14″.  

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