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redbubble chose my painting, “Beauty Dreaming” as one the images for their homepage today!

“28 March 2012” by The RedBubble Homepage | RedBubble:


fashion- and fashionable people- always strikes me as being rather silly. style and stylish people on the other hand… fill me with delight, which is rather silly too, but what’s a person to do?
Alfred Hitchcock was, strangely, someone with an unerring eye toward female style. While Edith Head was Hitch’s favorite costume designer, he was apparently very vocal about what his heroines could and could not wear on screen.

I first saw “The Birds” when i was little kid, probably far too little to be watching something like that, though i didn’t end up with a bird phobia or anything. My mother actually has a fear of birds- not caused by this movie- but definitely aggravated by it. Her doctor is going to have a ball figuring that one out for her.

In their september 2009 issue {09/2009}, Burda Magazine ran sewing patterns inspired by Hitchcock’s famous film style.

i love the clipped lapels on this jacket. 

this jacket and skirt are classic and modern. i love the swinging Jackie Kennedy look.
this dress is easily my favorite of the bunch. it has both a 1940s Notorious Ingrid Bergman feel, but it could also, just as easily be a futuristic Blade Runner Rachel style dress. 
i think the styling alone sells this for me. My grandmother had a set of black pearls she got when she lived in various islands in the Pacific.  

Hitchcock inspired Vogue fashion editorial photographed by Mario Testino. Fashion Editor- the divine Grace Coddington.

yes, that is Pierce Brosnan. 

oh hey, i’m the heroine bc i’m rich and blonde. 
gurl, you shoulda bleached your hair bc shit is gonna get real. {alas, events bode ill for any brunette who dares show her face in Hitchcock’s films.}
Hitchcock wants me to do what? … and this is why i smoke. {Tippi Hedren had a small breakdown after filming a particularly grueling scene.}

screenshots via~ screenshotworld

also check out beadinggem~ birds movie inspired jewelry photoshoot

i finished my Amelie Doll Poster and i love her! The movie is so stylish. Amelie’s style is a shortcut to her character so i really wanted to make some art inspired by the film. From her bobbed hair to the repeating colors of red, pink, brown, black, and spashes of green- everything harmonizes. I love her cute  fashion. Did you know she never wears pants in the movie? Or that she actually has 2 red/burgundy skirts? One has a lace panel at the bottom and one is plain. And her shoes are the same kind the director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet wears. Can you tell i’ve seen the movie a lot? Soooooo many times. But, honestly it never gets old. 

It was very difficult deciding which clothes, costumes, and props to depict. I had to leave out some of my favorites, like her pale pink polka-dotted shirt with the peplum. 

This poster/print is for sale over at my redbubble store. She is technically not meant to be cut out and played with, although if you do wish to, you could probably cut her out and glue her to card stock.

one of my favorite subplots involves Amelie’s father and his traveling gnome.

i love pop culture, movie, and literary paper dolls! i’m working on some more right now!

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so, yesterday was my husband’s birthday and i wanted to make something special for him. he’s been really into Doctor Who {and has gotten me into it too- which is totally what i need, another obsession, right?} i also ended up making a bunch of Doctor Who tshirts and phone cases: HERE i knew i wasn’t going to be able to make him one of those fancy vertical cakes, but i figured i could manage a sheet cake. 

first i made a template of the TARDIS in photoshop from pic i found on the web. then i printed it out on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. you can right click this one if you need a ready made template 😀

i cut it apart.
in a 12″ x 8″ pan, i baked a yellow cake from this recipe. let it cool. placed my template on it and cut around it. bc my template wasn’t big enough i added the botton of the TARDIS. i also used a piece of cake that i had cut away for the light at the top. i attached it with frosting.     
then i made this frosting, with milk instead of orange juice, {and added blue food coloring} and applied a crumb coat. then popped the cake into the freezer for an hour.
next i applied another layer of frosting over the crumb coat. i placed my part of my cut up template on the cake and with a knife, marked where the doors are. then i took up the template and resmoothed the frosting. i placed a ribbon tip in a decorating bag and filled a bag with frosting. then i added a few strips of frosting to simulate the top and side. i placed my paper cut outs {in retrospect, i should have coated them in clear tape} of the windows and sign on the cake and piped the doors over them. then i finished up with a writing tip and white frosting, “happy birthday Mikael” 

this is the first cake i’ve ever used any tip other than writing and it was very exciting. my grandmother used to make beautiful cakes with buttercream and royal icing. i’ll never even rival hers, but this was a really fun project 😀 

for more information, take a look at Wilton’s Cake Decorating. my grandma used to get their catalogs and they were amazing! talk abt daydreaming! 

And Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Mikael!
even though these lyrics are sad, they still encapsulate everything i love about him. He is my shining star who ensures i never lose my way. He keeps me connected to humanity when i could comfortably slip into paintings and books for my entire life.

Well I woke up today
And the world was a restless place
It could have been that way for me

And I wandered around
And I thought of your face
That Christmas looking back at me

I wish today was just like every other day
‘Cause today has been the best day
Everything I ever dreamed

And I started to walk
Pretty soon I will run
And I’ll come running back to you

‘Cause I followed my star
And that’s what you are
I’ve had a merry time with you

I wish today was just like every other day
‘Cause today has been the best day
Everything I ever dreamed

So have a good life
Do it for me
Make me so proud
Like you want me to be
Where ever you are
I’m thinking of you oceans apart
I want you to know

Well I woke up today and you’re on the other side
Our time will never come again
But if you can still dream
Close your eyes it will seem
That you can see me now and then

I wish today was just like every other day
‘Cause today has been the best day
Everything I ever dreamed

I wish today was just like every other day
‘Cause today has been the best day
Everything I ever dreamed

ps- this is sung by Neil Hannon. He collaborated with Yann Tierson and co-wrote as well as sang, “Les Jours tristes” on L’Absente. He also appears on Tierson’s, “Black Session” where he sings “Geronimo” and “Life on Mars.”

So, we moved back to Northern California. I love it here! Every house is pretty much the most beautiful little thing you’ve ever seen. They’re all victorians or craftsman. I’ll post some photos here or on my flickr soon. In other news, I finally finished a commission. However, i’m unable to talk about or post art related to it until it’s closer to being published. This is still probably a year or 2 in the future though. 
In the meantime, here a few recent sketches~ 

a medieval maiden. i’m still immeshed in “Game of Thrones” and it’s entire series so i have a fierce case of medieval madness! If you love the series swing by my utterly ridiculous twitter. I tweet as Jon Connington, doomed knight from “A Dance with Dragons.” My Jon had a nervous breakdown and travels Westeros in search of the perfect party. 

my other ongoing obsession: Mad Men! A sketch of Don Draper giving someone his patented, “you’re a idiot” glance.

See you later!