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Monthly Archives: August 2012

There was actually a lot to love in Vogue’s 2012 September Issue. The ads were… wonderful. I know, i’m surprised too.

Diane von Furstenberg pays lip service to Man Ray’s iconic painting, “A l’Heure de l’Observatoire Les Amoureux.” {yes, i did just write that and no, i don’t think it’s that lame.}

Isabella Rossellini channeling Singer Sargent’s “Madame X.”

The biggest surprise was there there were numerous black and asian models! In both the ads and in an editorial. Nice!



i love Chloe Sevigny and i love the outfit, but it still looks like she’s saying, “Riddle me this, Batman…”

Ewan MacGregor is really really trying to take modeling seriously. Really.
“How does Gary Oldman make this look so easy?” Ewan wonders.

In case you didn’t know- Fall is going to be ALL about the 1920s. Thank you Baz Luhrmann for filming, “Great Gatsby.”

from the jazz age…

to the space age…

and the most sartorially inspiring picture in the whole issue- how much do i love her updated flapper-esque dress?

As for the bad, welllllllll, there were a few photoshop nightmares. Brahmin, Express, Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture, and The Limited were among the worst offenders.

Stylistically, Chanel’s postapocalyptic nightmare wasn’t very inspiring. The clothes actually looked much better on the runway.

And Neiman Marcus presented what had to be some of the most beautiful clothes in the most beautiful settings- and then apparently decided it was all too awesome and they had to fug it up. So they took their lovely models and slapped some make up on them so they looked like drab, consumptive mice. I get it- you just found out Ann Hathaway is going to be Fantine in Les Miz and you’re totally freaking out. Me too! But i dreamed a dream where you showcased clothes on women without making them look like they’re dying of tuberculosis.

But other than that, great issue Vogue!

Yay! I was included in Red Bubble’s “Weekly Wrap.” 

I really have to thank Red Bubble for boosting my confidence. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t like to show their work. I have friends that didn’t even know I was an artist for the first couple of years they knew me.

I don’t really know what else to say other than, Thank You 🙂


4 years!

My husband & I have been married for 4 years. He’s my best friend and the best First Mate a Captain could hope to have. I’m so lucky to have met him.
Reflecting on these last 4 years I’ve come to some conclusions: if we can survive a baby and hammering out a financial plan, then we can survive just about anything. I’m not really sure what to write. How many times can you say via the internet, “I Love You!”? But, I do get asked a few questions about my relationship by my friends, so I’ll re-answer them here~  While both of us had reached a place where we thought we’d like to meet someone and get married, neither of us got married just to get married. We were really choosy. We share so many interests it’s ridiculous and by the 2nd date both knew the other was, “the One.” We’re both old school sci-fi/fantasy/comic geeks as well as rabid bibliophiles. I often joke that he married me for my books. We’re also both progressive people, dedicated to freedom and equality. My Grandmother championed civil rights from her childhood on, so I guess it’s in my blood. However, our approach to situations is different. I’m the Scully to his Mulder and the penny pincher to his spendthrift. But as our relationship continues, he’s encouraged me to be more indulgent, and I’ve encouraged him to be more responsible. His hard work and compassion makes me incredibly proud.

All aboard!

Now, please enjoy a coked up Bryan Ferry singing about doomed love. Why? Because doomed love is the best love. We’re all going to die one day, so technically all love is doomed. Time is fleeting. Don’t waste it being scared.