gerda dreams on the river

from “the snow queen” by hans christian andersen ~ firey haired gerda goes in search of her friend kay, but the river lulls her asleep with dreams of endless summer.

winter is all around her. from the tall pines to the small white sun. she happened upon some flowers daring to brave the cold & a boat willing to take her where she wanted to go…

the original painting is india ink, watercolor, & oil pastel

i don’t know if it’s because my grandpa was a navy man or because my moon’s in scorpio, but i am crazy about sailor suits.

purchase this print on etsy!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. amazing details!I adore sailor suits as well, especially the older versions~xo

  2. thank you:Di came across a girl's sailor middy when i was 19. it cost 25$ which was a little pricy for me at the time. i've always regretted not buying it bc i've never found another one like it. i do have dreams about making one one day 😀

  3. Omg, you have to make one! That would be so awesome.

  4. i have a pattern so maybe when karl's a little older 😀

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