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Monthly Archives: July 2012

My anniversary is approaching {August 2nd} and i was thinking about our wedding and such. in addition to sewing my wedding dress i also drew our invites, r.s.v.p. postcards, and our thank you postcards. my husband and i are both comic book nuts {he said he fell in love on our first date when i said the words, “Frank Miller”}, although due to space we no longer buy issues, just collected graphic novels. and yes, that is “comic sans” on the inside- don’t be a hater ;P

{in case you’re wondering, i’m the owl and he’s the octopus. he’s the best at hugs.}

the front “cover” of our invite.

the inside- note there are no thought bubbles, we’re a modern comic couple ;P

the top image was our r.s.v.p postcard. the bottom was our Thank You postcard.

So, numerous things bug me about them, first and foremost my inability to draw a bike. wow. although at the time i was on a 2 year internet vacation. yes, i spent 2 years without the internet and it was great. but i didn’t have access to stock images of bikes and truthfully, tech is just one of my weakest areas as an artist. c’est la vie 😀

Well, back to working on art. i’m nearly done with my current humongous project!

For more incredibly geeky wedding invites check out this link~

wouldn’t it be fun if Royal Tenenbaum was related to Social Services from “Moonrise Kingdom?”

i haven’t been blogging much bc i don’t love wordpress-yet. and i’m really busy with art. i do however have loads more to say about Moonrise Kingdom, bt that’ll have to wait until next week :/

So i finally found a new pair of pants, after 4 years. 4 years. Four. Why so long? Well, all pants now come in “mid-rise” or “low rise” which have they charming effect of making my ass look like a box. Due to my natural flabbiness even mid rise pants either slide down to my crotch or, when belted, dig into my hips giving me the ultra sexy “muffin top.”

But that’s all over now~

What’s that Bryan? Yes! Love is the drug! And i’m high on these pants!

PS- i bought them at Kohl’s & they’re made by Gloria Vanderbilt. Gloria, i salute you for creating both fine jeans & a hot son.

My Amelie paper doll poster was published in Lone Wolf Magazine’s Summer Issue! Look here for a preview. They have both print & digital versions!