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My illustration, “Little Girl Blue,” was featured on the front page of Redbubble! This marks the 3rd time this year 😀 Thank you Redbubble!

“Little Girl Blue” was published in Lone Wolf Magazine, vol 4. available here, or as a print available in my store.

Bonjour l’Automne! It’s Fall and that means it’s time for my favorite Autumn themed fairy tale: CInderella. I’ve posted other versions here and here but this one is particularly charming. Set in the 1920s, it stars a brunette bobbed Cinderella, fabulously dumb step-sisters, an alcoholic step-mother, and a very english looking prince. Illustrated by Roberto Innocenti, it’s chock full of amusing and slightly shocking details! Check out some of the illustrations and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do~ 

Yesterday I went to the Colette Patterns Fall 2012 Launch at A Verb for Keeping Warm in Oakland. My husband, son, and I started off next door at James and the Giant Cupcake. Yeah, delicious cupcakes and an awesome low key atmosphere. They even had a table with paper and markers for kids to sit at. Unfortunately I ended up with blue frosting on my pants. What can I say, you can’t take me anywhere. Seriously though, if you’re in the area, check them out.

After the cupcakes, I went next door to A Verb for Keeping Warm. Their shop is lovely. I really wanted to see examples of the Colette patterns made up and I wasn’t disappointed. They were even better in person than in the pictures, as well as a little less intimidating. To expand on that- I discovered that they would also look good on my tall, small breasted pear shape and aren’t just for busty women.
It was interesting to see the fabrics chosen for varous designs. Quite a few were cotton/batiste/voile as opposed to a rayon or challis or other typical dress or blouse fabrics. I LOVE working with cottons so that was a big plus. The patterns have amazing details. Very vintage-y without being costume-y, which is important to me. I love vintage designs, but some clothing from the 40s or 50s, if done accurately, tends to make the wearer look upholstered and honestly, matronly. Beware, it’s a small step from Joan Holloway structured brilliance to looking like my Grandma’s ottoman. The Colette patterns sidestep this problem nicely by having small details like notched sleeve bands, tucks, small gathers, and clever, unobtrusive pockets without being fussy or overly cutesy. Quite a few would look perfectly at home on the set of Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom.” I fell in love with many patterns. There may be some Colette fan art from yours truly in the near future.
Despite my crippling shyness I did manage to meet Sarai & Kenn & have her sign my copy of the Colette Sewing Handbook. They were both polite and neither mentioned the blue frosting on my pants. I also ended up buying the “Anise” coat pattern. I was on the fence bc it doesn’t have bust darts and thought it would flatten me out more than I am. But, after looking at the samples I decided to take a chance. Worst case scenario- I add bust darts to the muslin.

I have something to admit: I am only a recent fan. Colette patterns are drafted for a c-cup {most patterns are drafted for a B} and I was reluctant to add another pattern alteration to the legion I already have. They also have their own sizing- I’ve written before about my loathing of vanity sizing as well as using random numbers to describe a size. My dead hobby horse is that sizing should just be measurements. Oh look, a 34″ bust, this is the one I buy. BOOM- problem solved. It is a little weird that on Colette sizing i’m a 2/4 when in tradtional sewing sizes, and my vintage clothes, I’m a 12/14. I buy a 6 or 8 in most stores (hello vanity sizing). It may seem obvious, but definitely double check your measurements for their size.

The Colette Sewing Handbook is the best modern sewing book for beginner/intermediate seamstresses I’ve read. Even better than my beloved Burdastyle {book, not magazine. The magazines are a totally different beast and are not for beginners} and Built by Wendy. The Colette book takes you through five projects of increasing difficulty. Everything is laid out in an easy to understand way and there are profuse photographs of everything. After reading through the whole thing, I started the “Licorice” dress at the end {I’m already an intermediate seamstress} and shortened it into a blouse. It’s almost finished despite me and my son Karl battling this ridiculous 2 week cold. The pattern was wonderful. First of all, the size 34″ bust fits my shoulders and arm scythe perfectly. I had to do a front & back gaping neck adjustment, move the bust darts down an inch, lengthen the sleeves & torso… and that was it. {That may seam like a lot to you, but trust me, I’ve had patterns where nothing fit correctly.} I only sewed the bust darts and omitted the waist darts bc I wanted it a little blousen. I think bc of this I didn’t have to do a small bust adjustment, which was a nice surprise. I’ll post photos when i’ve finished.

My sweet Karl at the beach.

Perusing my Colette Sewing Book {now signed!}

The Anise Coat pattern

The little book of instructions inside the pattern

a place for your notes

About 15 years ago I bought a packet of blank postcards thinking, “I’ll totally draw on these and send them to my friends!” Fast forward 15 years and I still have a pack of blank postcards.

I’m kind of a procrastinator.

Since I got married I’ve discovered that the best way for me to get anything done was to be accountable to other people. Obvious? Well not to me. So a couple weeks ago I posted on my facebook asking if anyone wanted a hand drawn postcard. The replies were a surprise to me. Most were from people I hardly know except through the internet. It was nice to discover that I had people interested in my art. So anyway, that’s what I’m working on right now and I’ll post them here when I’ve finished them!

The other project I’ve started is a paper doll poster of Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom! Look for it in November. Prints will be available in the store for purchase 😀

There was actually a lot to love in Vogue’s 2012 September Issue. The ads were… wonderful. I know, i’m surprised too.

Diane von Furstenberg pays lip service to Man Ray’s iconic painting, “A l’Heure de l’Observatoire Les Amoureux.” {yes, i did just write that and no, i don’t think it’s that lame.}

Isabella Rossellini channeling Singer Sargent’s “Madame X.”

The biggest surprise was there there were numerous black and asian models! In both the ads and in an editorial. Nice!



i love Chloe Sevigny and i love the outfit, but it still looks like she’s saying, “Riddle me this, Batman…”

Ewan MacGregor is really really trying to take modeling seriously. Really.
“How does Gary Oldman make this look so easy?” Ewan wonders.

In case you didn’t know- Fall is going to be ALL about the 1920s. Thank you Baz Luhrmann for filming, “Great Gatsby.”

from the jazz age…

to the space age…

and the most sartorially inspiring picture in the whole issue- how much do i love her updated flapper-esque dress?

As for the bad, welllllllll, there were a few photoshop nightmares. Brahmin, Express, Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture, and The Limited were among the worst offenders.

Stylistically, Chanel’s postapocalyptic nightmare wasn’t very inspiring. The clothes actually looked much better on the runway.

And Neiman Marcus presented what had to be some of the most beautiful clothes in the most beautiful settings- and then apparently decided it was all too awesome and they had to fug it up. So they took their lovely models and slapped some make up on them so they looked like drab, consumptive mice. I get it- you just found out Ann Hathaway is going to be Fantine in Les Miz and you’re totally freaking out. Me too! But i dreamed a dream where you showcased clothes on women without making them look like they’re dying of tuberculosis.

But other than that, great issue Vogue!

My anniversary is approaching {August 2nd} and i was thinking about our wedding and such. in addition to sewing my wedding dress i also drew our invites, r.s.v.p. postcards, and our thank you postcards. my husband and i are both comic book nuts {he said he fell in love on our first date when i said the words, “Frank Miller”}, although due to space we no longer buy issues, just collected graphic novels. and yes, that is “comic sans” on the inside- don’t be a hater ;P

{in case you’re wondering, i’m the owl and he’s the octopus. he’s the best at hugs.}

the front “cover” of our invite.

the inside- note there are no thought bubbles, we’re a modern comic couple ;P

the top image was our r.s.v.p postcard. the bottom was our Thank You postcard.

So, numerous things bug me about them, first and foremost my inability to draw a bike. wow. although at the time i was on a 2 year internet vacation. yes, i spent 2 years without the internet and it was great. but i didn’t have access to stock images of bikes and truthfully, tech is just one of my weakest areas as an artist. c’est la vie 😀

Well, back to working on art. i’m nearly done with my current humongous project!

For more incredibly geeky wedding invites check out this link~

wouldn’t it be fun if Royal Tenenbaum was related to Social Services from “Moonrise Kingdom?”

i haven’t been blogging much bc i don’t love wordpress-yet. and i’m really busy with art. i do however have loads more to say about Moonrise Kingdom, bt that’ll have to wait until next week :/

So i finally found a new pair of pants, after 4 years. 4 years. Four. Why so long? Well, all pants now come in “mid-rise” or “low rise” which have they charming effect of making my ass look like a box. Due to my natural flabbiness even mid rise pants either slide down to my crotch or, when belted, dig into my hips giving me the ultra sexy “muffin top.”

But that’s all over now~

What’s that Bryan? Yes! Love is the drug! And i’m high on these pants!

PS- i bought them at Kohl’s & they’re made by Gloria Vanderbilt. Gloria, i salute you for creating both fine jeans & a hot son.

My Amelie paper doll poster was published in Lone Wolf Magazine’s Summer Issue! Look here for a preview. They have both print & digital versions!

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i contributed a print of “imps” to help raise money for hollie stevens who just had breast cancer surgery. it’s part of a raffle. each ticket is $5 & there are lot’s of prizes!

the details are here:

They say some days you’re gonna win,
They say some days you’re gonna lose.

I tell you I got news for you
Your losin’ all the time you never win
If you believe that’s how it’s gonna be I’d better put you down
Get off your tightrope up there come down on
The ground you gotta save me now,
You better turn around.
When I looked around, I was heading down.
Won’t somebody throw me down a line.

They say some days you gotta give–
They say some days you gotta take–
If that’s the way it’s gotta be,
Roll it over and you will see.
The city streets are full of people going nowhere making time.
The change from night to day is really only hours,
It’s just along the line can’t you see the sign
When I looked around, I was heading down,
Won’t somebody throw me down a line.

I want to look you straight in the eye,
I want to tell you how I really feel,
I can feel the wheels turnin’ round,
Won’t somebody throw me down a line
The city streets are full of people going nowhere making time,
The change from night to day is really only hours
It’s just along the line, can’t you see the sign
When I closed my eyes, I was so surprised
Somebody had thrown me down the line–stopped me drownin’