indie junction!

yay! i’m featured on the indie junction blog! please click on the link & take a look at the other wonderful artists! 😀indie junction!


i’ll be away for about a month. we’re moving to southern california & it’ll take a bit to settle in. but hopefully i’ll have my new paintings all painted & ready for viewing. cheers!

drawings awaiting paint!

star freckles & wonder womanfuzzbox koy geisha & maiko shark ~yeah, i know. i crack myself up 😛yellowcake & black rainbow


i tend to do everything in batches: i do a lot of rough sketches first. then i transfer those onto watercolor paper. when i have a pile, sometimes 5- 15 then i’ll start painting. it’s like i have to get everything out of my head first, drawing wise, then i can worry about color. right now…

novacriminal cd art

novacriminal is coming out with a new cd & asked me to do their cover. i occasionally do posters for them {& their previous incarnation, “whirling dervish”} as well. their drummer, bill brandon, came up with the basic idea of a city squeezed by cars & asked me to run with it.  i have a…