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Monthly Archives: December 2012

I asked my husband for a new set of paints for Christmas, as well as some acrylic brushes (mine are all for watercolor/gouache). I had some swirling ideas for what I want to paint and this morning inspiration struck like lightning this morning!

The Dow of Hemlines

working on my portfolio~ I’ve always thought the theory of hemlines of pretty fun. Supposedly they go up when the stock market goes up and down when the stock market goes down. I also included tiny bull silhouettes on the miniskirt and a bear on the tea length dress in reference to the idea of bull and bear markets.

Yes, I do pose for my own work, simply because well, try explaining that look to another person. “more snarky- woah- no, ease up there! mmmmm, i dunno, can you get your mouth over on the side of your face?” And yes, I raided my husband’s closet for the shirt.
Hmmm, on second thought, I probably should have put on some make up before taking these.
update: the illustration for these photo refs is HERE.
Photo 764

Photo 765

fycMK 1

I’m so excited! I’m one of the winners of the Focus Features, “For Your Consideration Moonrise Kingdom Fan Art Contest.”

I wanted to convey Wes Anderson’s love of symmetry, as well as the theater-like qualities of his film making. He often has plays in his movies, and his scenes alternate between exhibiting a static quality evocative of the stage and a frenetic realism that jars the viewer into reconsidering their perceptions about the movie. The figures are intentionally reminiscent of the Moonrise Kingdom character shot (featured on their website, among other places.) They all face forward, gazing at the viewer, with three exceptions: Susie and Sam, who obviously only have eyes for each other, and Captain Sharp who gazes at the very married Laura Bishop. She does not return his gesture (although I like to think she is aware of it) and instead stands stoically next to her husband, who is seemingly defiant, but his resigned polar bear shoulders give him away.

It was very exciting to create some art for something I loved so much. And great news after being sick with pneumonia. I was very sick, but really, really wanted to create something for Moonrise Kingdom. This was the best “get well” sentiment I could have received!