drawings awaiting paint!

star freckles & wonder womanfuzzbox koy geisha & maiko shark ~yeah, i know. i crack myself up 😛yellowcake & black rainbow

wonder woman sketch

make a hawk a dove,  stop a war with love,  make a liar tell the truth~ Wonder Woman, get us out from under, Wonder Woman~ all our hopes are pinned on you.  and the magic that you do~ stop a bullet cold,  make the Axis fold,  change their minds,  and change the world! in case…



~ i’ve been kicking this idea around for a year or so. i read, “hubris” about the beginnings of the iraq war & was struck by the perversity of of uranium powder being called “yellowcake”.


2095, 2095, 2095, 2095I love you, sincerelyYours truly, yours truly… I sent a message to another timeBut as the days unwind, this I just cant believeI sent a note across another planeMaybe its all a game, but this I just cant conceive. Can you hear me? I drive the very latest hovercarI dont know where…


fat boy running~ these are all from ben caldwell’s delightful “action! cartooning”. i’ve been trying to get a little rubbery with my drawings & feel all right about these. there’s some problems that need to be cleaned up. but nothing too terrible.  cartoony guy running~ girl strutting~ all drawn with a non-photo blue pencil &…

more bridgman

bridgman’s arms~ have i mentioned how in love with bridgman i am? seriously, if i wasn’t already married i’d become mrs. betty bridgman book.

bridgman’s wings

this is from “bridgman’s complete drawing from life”. i’ve always dismissed him in favor of hogarth & i regret that now. hogarth’s book are amazing- AMAZING! but i have developed a serious problem with producing slick humans. frankly, i’m a little bored with my style. i want something rougher & bulkier which is where bridgman…

fresh fruits

i’ve spent the last ten years or so producing heavily stylized art where my subject is wearing some sort of historical costume… or is a robot. so, my “actual clothes” skills have atrophied big time.  fashion mags are useless to draw from. the photos are so heavily photoshopped you’ll never see the folds, shadows, &…