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Monthly Archives: March 2011

starting in 7th grade i ordered time-life’s enchanted world series. instead of starting “witches and wizards” they started me with “the fall of camelot”. 
my knights/arthurian craze had begun!

in my mid teens i discovered trina schart hyman’s beautiful, “st. george and the dragon”. 

taking it’s details from spencer’s “faerie queen” we are plunged into an england not seen since arthur rackham. an england {or eden} where every tree, every root is populated by gnomes, fauns, & beautiful fairies with gossamer wings. 

in the book, only fairies, angels, animals, and children stare out from the pages to make eye contact with the reader. the adults are unaware of their audience.

the great dragon looking like a medieval satan!

i love how his tail curls through the opposing page! 

there is also another story told in the decorated margins of sailors trying to get home which parallels st george’s journey. 

una comforts st. george.

gorgeous medieval manuscript like details. witches, fairies, mandrake roots!

an epic battle. there’s also a fair amount of blood for a children’s book.

i love the clouds through these illustrations. they’re like scenery in a mystery play!

lovely angels with crimson wings pray for st. george.

the death of the dragon. again, a bit of blood, but this was 1984 and we were less sensitive about these things. although i’d certainly rather my son was exposed to violence in this manner, with evil being clearly vanquished.

una and st. george. notice the cat looking at you. 

trina used india ink outlines and washes of acrylic. 

i’m so excited for my new project. as you may or may not know i’m mad about paper dolls. so, i’ve been sketching & painting a new series of 5 dolls. one is finished & 4 more are sketched out in photoshop. i’m just trying to decide who gets what accessories & and trying to decide if the gentlemen should wear trilbys, or fedoras. decisions decisions!

on a related note~ as i’ve nearly finished agatha christie’s novels, i picked up my husband’s volume of dorothy sayers’ “lord peter wimsey” stories. so far, they are completely funny & decent mysteries. not at good as dame agatha or arthur conan doyle, but extremely entertaining none-the-less. lord peter is described in the first story as medium height & blond, with a long nose & a rather stupid looking face. i had a lot of trouble imagining him. what exactly is stupid looking? is he a boring hunky guy? that’s who i usually associate with stupidity. but that was definitely not the description given of him. who- who- who? 
suddenly, simon pegg popped into my head. not that i really consider poor simon to be particularly stupid looking, but he does do slack-jawed confusion very well. how wonderful would simon pegg be as lord peter in a movie? don’t believe me? look at this:

now imagine pegg & frost as wimsey & bunter:

it would be completely amazing.