Moonrise Kingdom Fan Art winner!

I’m so excited! I’m one of the winners of the Focus Features, “For Your Consideration Moonrise Kingdom Fan Art Contest.” I wanted to convey Wes Anderson’s love of symmetry, as well as the theater-like qualities of his film making. He often has plays in his movies, and his scenes alternate between exhibiting a static quality evocative…


My illustration, “Little Girl Blue,” was featured on the front page of Redbubble! This marks the 3rd time this year 😀 Thank you Redbubble! “Little Girl Blue” was published in Lone Wolf Magazine, vol 4. available here, or as a print available in my store.

upcoming projects

About 15 years ago I bought a packet of blank postcards thinking, “I’ll totally draw on these and send them to my friends!” Fast forward 15 years and I still have a pack of blank postcards. I’m kind of a procrastinator. Since I got married I’ve discovered that the best way for me to get…

Lone Wolf Magazine

My 5 page spread for Lone Wolf Magazine has been published. Print and digital copies are on sale here 😀

Red Bubble, The Weekly Wrap

Yay! I was included in Red Bubble’s “Weekly Wrap.”  I really have to thank Red Bubble for boosting my confidence. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t like to show their work. I have friends that didn’t even know I was an artist for the first couple of years they knew me. I don’t really…

Amelie Doll published in Lone Wolf!

My Amelie paper doll poster was published in Lone Wolf Magazine’s Summer Issue! Look here for a preview. They have both print & digital versions!