“Power Animal” exhibition July 30th to August 3rd.

My Mail Me Art piece, “Power Animal” will be exhibited at The Framers Gallery from July 30th to August 3rd. It’s available for pre-sale now at Mail Me Art.  All the proceeds from the sales of the original mail is being donated and shared between these charities: Animal Aid, The Teenage Cancer Trust and WaterAid.

“Behold and Love This Giant” ~ David Byrne and St. Vincent

Last night I saw David Byrne and St. Vincent perform in Oakland. They were spectacular. It was nice to see musicians who wanted to perform instead of looking embarrassed to be onstage. I didn’t take any photos bc I really hate it when you’re trying to watch a show and people are flashing their phones….


My doll making progress so far: That crocheted octopus was a gift from my sister-in-law Lauri. It’s amazing. The chicken was a gift from my grandmother-in law, Farmor (her real name is Ruth, but she’s originally from Sweden). learning to paint on fabric & experimenting with faces. Whoops! found out the dry time is about…

A Tiny World

A while ago Elsa posted about dolls which started me thing about making dolls- again. Years ago I became infatuated with volks dolls, especially the 1/6th scale. But adding yet another projects to drawing, painting, and sewing seemed pretty over whelming. But after Elsa’s post, I reconsidered making dolls and perhaps making them out of cloth. When I…