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I’ve been working on learning how to wig my dolls with leftover yarn. I used this grey yarn to make my husband a scarf four years ago (awwww). And I knew I needed to brush up on my embroidery.  The last time I embroidered anything was 6 years ago. Yikes. Behold the saddest, crappiest embroidery sample you’ve ever seen. However, my triangles are starting to shape up rather well, so it’s not a total loss. As soon as I’m comfortable with my skills again I’m going to make myself a tote bag and wallet. My currents ones are pretty shot and I haven’t been able to find anything I’m 100% in love.

My Mail Me Art piece, “Power Animal” will be exhibited at The Framers Gallery from July 30th to August 3rd. It’s available for pre-sale now at Mail Me Art.  All the proceeds from the sales of the original mail is being donated and shared between these charities: Animal Aid, The Teenage Cancer Trust and WaterAid.


Last night I saw David Byrne and St. Vincent perform in Oakland. They were spectacular. It was nice to see musicians who wanted to perform instead of looking embarrassed to be onstage. I didn’t take any photos bc I really hate it when you’re trying to watch a show and people are flashing their phones. It’s very distracting. 


All photos and videos are from the official Love This Giant website. Annie Clark (St. Vincent) has bleached her hair and wore a different outfit, Bryne was wearing the same outfit. I loved the brass band. The tuba sousaphone was incredibly popular.

Bryne and Clark performed synchronized movements. The lights were fun and my friend remarked that they looked like Daleks. They did. Could. Not. Be. Unseen!
Clark esp utilized the shadows thrown on the curtain behind them. Near the end they performed a duel over a theremin- (last night Bryne wore a Lucha Libre mask.)


I was pleasantly surprised that the live show had them on equal footing. Clark shreds on her guitar. Byrne’s voice is even better live than on records- it’s really, really beautiful. He can take a note and make it soar. It was even more impressive since it was the last night of the tour.
They have considerable chemistry and I’m not going to lie, if they want to take a break from making art babies, it would be awesome if they made a human baby. I think it’s bc I’ve read Dune too many times and keep hoping for the Kwisatz Haderach so I’m kind of gross about wanting brilliant people to have children and make the world more amazing. (I’m mostly joking. He’s 30 years older than her and the rumor is she’s gay.) But they are beyond adorable on stage together. You can tell they have a lot of respect for each other and really enjoy their collaboration.

The album is on Spotify and a documentary of his solo 2010 solo tour, Ride, Rise, Roar (which shares some of the same aesthetic) is on Netflix.

My doll making progress so far:

photoThat crocheted octopus was a gift from my sister-in-law Lauri. It’s amazing. The chicken was a gift from my grandmother-in law, Farmor (her real name is Ruth, but she’s originally from Sweden).

photo (6)

learning to paint on fabric & experimenting with faces. Whoops! found out the dry time is about an hour, otherwise there’s lots of bleeding.

photo (5)finally hemmed my dress. It’s one of those 80s dresses that’s inspired by the 40s.

photo (4)Karl’s balancing act

photo (3)

A while ago Elsa posted about dolls which started me thing about making dolls- again. Years ago I became infatuated with volks dolls, especially the 1/6th scale. But adding yet another projects to drawing, painting, and sewing seemed pretty over whelming. But after Elsa’s post, I reconsidered making dolls and perhaps making them out of cloth. When I was a child, my favorite doll was my Bradley pose doll, who I still have. I started searching for tutorials on how to make something similar and found some great resources and inspiration~

95785994217314107cf8bd1603efe113These new pose dolls are by SuperJunk

1044724_10201420621467263_67243201_nThese beautiful cloth dolls are by Matilde Beldroega

1016737_10201420622747295_1809517212_nThis little beauty is by Evangelione (Mei Ying Yeo)

c56f523e4c9cabc6542222185b8339bdLovely vintage pose doll from the site Sprinkles and Puffballs

73530815_9This is from the Varie Doll book- Japanese, untranslated.

il_570xN.430207998_nft1An this lovely doll is from Elizabeth Larson


My illustration for “Chip in the Handle” was published over at the Story Shack. 

The drawing is in pencil and then it’s colored in photoshop.