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I’ve been working on, well a million projects really, but I’ve been wanting to make some cool t-shirts for my son, Karl. He likes David Bowie, so I dug up one of my old characters, Major Tom, the space cat co-pilot to my space girl, Martine. Available here is baby, children, and adult sizes-

Obviously Major Tom is inspired by Bowie’s tragic, beautiful, and wonderfully weird and hokey song, “A Space Oddity.”

My Major Tom entered cryogenic freeze and was revived thousands of years in the future. He has a successful career as a space pilot and loves his new home planet, Mars, but misses his family. *kri*


Spring is coming and I have peonies and parrot tulips on my mind…

“Garden Planning” is available in my shop as an iphone/ipod case and as an ipad case!

I love Fall. Love it. The air just smells better. Green and Orange, the colors of Autumn are my favorites. I was looking through the collections of some designers and Samantha Pleet’s Fall 2012 collection caught my eye. It’s wonderful. Very New England and slightly… witchy? Immediately all I wanted to do was re-read Jackson’s “The Lottery” and  Hawthorne’s “House of the Seven Gables.” I’d already been on a mid-century kick of Anne Sexton after watching the fifth season of Mad Men. Pete Campbell’s glorious summation of his and everyone else on the show’s problem- “And then he realized everything he already had was not right either. And that was why it had happened at all. And that his life with his family was some temporary bandage on a permanent wound,” rang in my head. I don’t generally like producing depressing art anymore. So instead I wanted to capture a little of the freedom and mystery of New England. Beautiful girls with witchy red heels on their sensible oxford shoes and bare legs immune to the cold… ok, obviously not me. I get cold in Southern California, but I can dream!





At first Pete Campbell was going to make a cameo as the Man in the Blue Suit who haunts Shirley Jackson’s brilliant short story collection, “The Lottery” as the “Deamon Lover.” But the layout didn’t work. I may recycle the idea in another picture.

The man was replaced by a house inspired by Hawthorne’s “The House of the Seven Gables” as well as the houses that populate Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. This is a photo of Wyeth’s studio.

I love “The Village,” I know people hate it, but I thought it was a slow, lovely movie with exquisite color and design and subtle performances by Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrian Brody, William Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver.

The talented an amazingly beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard as the blind Ivy Walker.

The image that sparked the idea, Samantha Pleet’s Fall 2012 collection.

Seven Gables

Prints for sale in store

Yay! I was included in Red Bubble’s “Weekly Wrap.” 

I really have to thank Red Bubble for boosting my confidence. I’m a very shy person who doesn’t like to show their work. I have friends that didn’t even know I was an artist for the first couple of years they knew me.

I don’t really know what else to say other than, Thank You 🙂

“The Fairest of the Seasons”
inspired by Nico’s rendition of “The Fairest of the Seasons”
“now that it’s time
now that the hour hand has landed at the end
now that it’s real
now that the dreams have given all they had to lend
i want to know
do i stay or do i go
and maybe try another time
and do i really have a hand in my forgetting?”
I drew this over 2 years ago when i was pregnant with Karl and have finally put some color to it. Music always inspires me, but here are some of the pictures that i kept on hand for visual inspiration:

Hans Memling

David Bowie
Utamaro {he was also the primary inspiration for my Floating World Series.}
Edward Burne-Jones “Beguiling of Merlin”
 Stylish Dress Book {a book of japanese patterns}
if you’ve never heard Nico, you’re in for a treat. Some people think she sounds like a german computer, but i like her voice… and so yes maybe she does sound like a lady version of HAL, but it’s still great!

Delicious yellowcake uranium baked into a diabolical confection. Try not to grow 8 eyes like little Spiderface Freckleyes on the box!

David Bowie never ceases to be an inspiration. His music and many images are endlessly fascinating. i don’t think there’s another person who is more aesthetically pleasing in modern history, unless it’s Frida Kahlo.
The colors in these 2 photos were my inspiration: rich gold, tomato red, and peacock blue.

bowie images via~
because, smooth move Betty!, i can’t remember where exactly i got them & for some reason i didn’t reblog them? I swear tumblr eats some of my posts.

“The Devil’s Dance Floor” 

Lovely minion of the netherworld dances an unearthly jig. Can you keep up?
prints in the shop!

“Well she took me by the hand
I could see she was a fiery one
Her legs ran all the way
Up to heaven and past Avalon …” ~Flogging Molly
Maybe it’s because i’m an aries, or maybe i ate too much Underwood Ham as a child, but i’ve always liked horns and hooves. The glaistig is a celtic fairy {or faerie} with the appearance of a beautiful young women, but with the legs of a goat, which she hides under a long skirt. Some legends say she lures men to dance with her and then feeds on their blood. She is usually kind to children and old people. {thanks “Faeries” by Froud and Lee.}

india ink on bristol board, colored digitally.

Secretary style at it’s best! Every week i watch with anticipation to see what she’s going to wear next. Yes, i know, it’s been done before a few times, but i keep drawing little Joan’s in my sketchbook. I figure the world won’t go into melt down if i throw my fan art onto the pile. Christina Hendricks is easily one of the most beautiful actresses out there.
“Was this the face that launch’d a thousand ships- and burnt the topless towers of Ilium? Sweet Helen, make me immortal with a kiss.”
i particularly wanted to capture her elegant swan like neck and small lyrical hands.
*she is technically not meant to be cut out & played with, although if you do wish to, you could probably cut her out & glue her to card stock.

prints for sale  
i also drew Peggy, Betty, and Trudy as well, but i doubt i’ll have time to make posters of them.

redbubble chose my painting, “Beauty Dreaming” as one the images for their homepage today!

“28 March 2012” by The RedBubble Homepage | RedBubble:


i finished my Amelie Doll Poster and i love her! The movie is so stylish. Amelie’s style is a shortcut to her character so i really wanted to make some art inspired by the film. From her bobbed hair to the repeating colors of red, pink, brown, black, and spashes of green- everything harmonizes. I love her cute  fashion. Did you know she never wears pants in the movie? Or that she actually has 2 red/burgundy skirts? One has a lace panel at the bottom and one is plain. And her shoes are the same kind the director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet wears. Can you tell i’ve seen the movie a lot? Soooooo many times. But, honestly it never gets old. 

It was very difficult deciding which clothes, costumes, and props to depict. I had to leave out some of my favorites, like her pale pink polka-dotted shirt with the peplum. 

This poster/print is for sale over at my redbubble store. She is technically not meant to be cut out and played with, although if you do wish to, you could probably cut her out and glue her to card stock.

one of my favorite subplots involves Amelie’s father and his traveling gnome.

i love pop culture, movie, and literary paper dolls! i’m working on some more right now!

Star Girl

surrounded by some of my favorite constellations, {from left to right- ophiuchus, capricorn, ursa major, perseus, aries, and pisces.} our charming alien looks human enough, but her star freckles give away her otherworldly origins. 
prints available at my shop

i first showed you the drawing here:
star freckles

she was also used as a poster for novacriminal

“I hold this letter in my hand

a plea, a petition, a kind of prayer
I hope it does as I have planned”
Nick Cave

carrying her love letter purse she steals a backward glance at her lover. her lunch hour is over and it’s back to a world of dusty shelves, creamy paper, and faded type…
print available in my shop
the second piece of my “floating world” series. the original painting is on canson 185 lb. 12″x16″ paper. i’ve written about how wonderful this paper is here.
it’s drawn in pencil and then painted with light watercolor washes.
i rarely paint blondes but i love the alternating tan & cadet blue. the only other color being the red in her cheeks, her ribbons, & the stripes in her air mail purse. i had a very similar pair of shoes, except mine were black {unfortunately} and i love plaid tights!

i sold my first print! i’m so excited & nervous! please check out her blog. she does some awesome nail art!


“when I met you in the restaurant, you could tell I was no debutante.

you asked me what’s my pleasure, “a movie or a measure”?
i’ll have a cup of tea and tell you of my dreaming.

dreaming is free…”

the reading beauty embodies simplicity and spiritual longing. seeking escape after a long day at work typing, she falls asleep with a small volume in her hand. her dreams show her the transience at the heart of all things… 

print available in my shop~

the first piece of my “floating world” series. the original painting is on canson 185 lb. 12″x16″ paper. this is my favorite paper ever- ever! it’s so thick that unless you’re doing heavy washes you don’t have to stretch it, which is a big time saver. the color is a creamy, warm off-white. i’m in love with this paper! {in case you couldn’t guess}.

it’s drawn in pencil and then painted with light watercolor washes. i’m particularly enamored with the blood orange color in the heart of each venus fly trap!
in 4th grade i did my science fair project on the venus fly trap. it had a blood red background, cut out photos & a hand drawn, by me, cartoon of a venus fly trap smiling & wearing sunglasses. i was hooked on carnivorous plants! i was however, the only girl at the science fair not doing something cuddly or really hard science, like the erupting volcano. oh well!

my love affair with ukiyo-e is still going strong. i wanted to do something that expressed its ideals: fleeting beauty and an elevation of the mundane. the women of ukiyo-e weren’t rich noblewomen, but rather geisha, oiran {women of pleasure}, & often neighborhood women. in turn, the women in these paintings aren’t jet setters. rather, they’re secretaries, librarians, and book sellers.