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Now that Karl is in preschool I can finally dig into my piles of sketchbooks and flesh out some of my sketches into paintings. The “Four Forests” is part of my “Imps” story, which has slowly fermented over the course of the last 7 years, beginning with Kid Krowley and ending with the Ladies of the Four Forests.





“Most writers agree upon the general influence of Egypt, especially upon magical practices. Pennethorne Hughes thought the famed Thessalonian sorceresses in classical times to be unlicensed devotees of the moon goddess- Isis or Nut.”
-Ronald Curran,
The Weird Gathering & Other Tales

ginger at the spring equinox

watercolor & pencil

strangers on this road we are on…

in which kid crowley & spiderface freckleyes become friends

kid krowley & spiderface freckleyes~

blue line sketch of the kid & his best (semi) human friend, as well as color maps.

pencil line art on tracing paper.

india ink & watercolor*

*my computer is still dead. i’m using my husbands mac to scan in my art. however, it lacks photoshop so i’m unable to correct the scanner’s color to more accurately reflect the actual painting.

kid krowley~
as a child in the 70s i had an interest in the occult, which i blame entirely on fairy tales. then again, the 70s were a witchy time, unlike the rational, money driven, & very concrete 80s. 

the kid is an experiment in aggressive shading. my usual shading style is virtually nill. i’m heavily influenced by both disney & max fleischer style animation & perhaps naturally disposed toward a flat, “open for color” presentation, like japanese ukiyo-e. but after 30+ years, that can get a little old. i’ve done heavily shadowed work before (the cthulu pictures) & felt it was time to get back into it. my husband mikael is in love with ec comics & i’ve found their work to be a new stylistic inspiration. 

kid & fiend~
and, of course, everyone needs a friend. people have asked me if the kid is a boy or a girl & to be honest, i’m not sure. i don’t really feel it’s important as, unlike it’s ungodfather, the kid doesn’t really get up to anything where that would matter. 

both of these pictures were drawn on bristol board- inked primarily with a brush (except the kid’s face & the monster’s teeth in this one. the tone effects here in the background were added digitally with “manga computones vol. 5”, which you can get from amazon. 
i read somewhere that comic houses no longer accept work with tone, which i find hard to believe. it looks ridiculously cool & brings to mind fantastic bernie wrightson/neil adams/marshall rogers 70s art.