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Watched Backstrom last night. I love Rainn Wilson, but I’m over the trope. I was WAY over it while watching House- but the fine supporting cast kept me hooked. “Brilliant Asshole” still has the ability to provide some fun, but it’s going to have to be fresher. I don’t need another “not really racist-sexist cause they’re just tellin’ it like it is” character. 1. You’re never going to do it better than Hunter Thompson did in real life,

hunter-s-thompson-liebowitzand 2. you need an emotional anchor. Sherlock has Watson, House has Wilson & Cuddy, Bones has Booth, Angela, Cam… okay, she has every other character in the show.
Here’s a news flash for you- you know what would be really shocking in a crime procedural? The brilliant asshole not being racist & sexist. How about a character that had picked up a book? Orrrrrrrr, ventured out of their office? Right? OMG! No way! If you want to drop some fucking “truth bombs” how about you have the “smart” character call the other characters on their bullshit while still acknowledging that yes, sometimes women are more in touch with their feelings or yes, sometimes people who aren’t white commit crimes? How about having the kindly Hindu doctor shut down Backstrom’s 9th grade soliloquy about how everyone’s afraid of death? Hey man, afraid of death? That’s fucking DEEP. Or- no wait, that’s merely a normal experience of most observed life on Earth.

Step it up. Wilson deserves better and so do we.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, published 1993. I was and am a big fan of the husband and wife illustrating team, Leo and Diane Dillon. I have a number of their books and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Nancy Willard crafts a sweet rhyming tale of the lovely apprentice Sylvia who apprentices with the magician Tottibo.

One of the best things about older children’s books is that in the copyright information they frequently include information about the illustrations:
“The full page illustrations were in watercolor, on Arches hot press watercolor paper mounted on board. The spot illustrations were in watercolor on Strathmore three-ply kid finish bristol board.
The geometric symbol worn by the sorcerer was devised by the artists bc of its meaning: the triangle stands for creative intellect, and the circle represents eternity- combined, they signify endless creativity.”


“Mount Dragon Eye’s? It’s very near,
yet no one travels it for fear
of beasts that mutter, huff, and blow,
round the magician Tottibo.
Beyond his house the earth looks dead.
‘Take heart, you beasts and bugs,’ he said.
‘Let spiders sing and panthers play.
My new apprentice comes today!'”

IMG_3164underneath the dust jacket, the front cover is embossed (I love details like this).IMG_3181Sylvia’s three wheeled trike. In the past women when women wore heavy skirts it was easier for them to ride bikes like this.
IMG_3165Sylvia’s clogs are on point.
IMG_3166 IMG_3167 IMG_3168 IMG_3169 IMG_3170 IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3171 IMG_3175 IMG_3176 IMG_3172 IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3180“Mount Dragon Eyes? It’s very near,
and every day not far from here,
round a high stool with silver feet,
those who would study magic meet
at Tottibo’s…
The gryphons dance, the dragons doze;
they all admire each other’s clothes
while Sylvia teaches them to say
the spell she worked out yesterday
for turning pencils into pails
and failures into fairy tales.”

I thought I’d missed the deadline to send in my Sketchbook Project, but luckily I haven’t! It’s due in March. Last night I stayed up and collected all my doodles (they hardly qualify as sketches now) in one place. As soon as I have a final count for the book then it’ll be on to the next step: reference photos.

My work flow goes something like this- look at photos, movies/tv, & paintings for general mood. This helps a lot with composition. I have numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to inspiration.
– next, I doodle a general layout
-followed by a sketch
– then I take reference photos of myself. I’m going to be laying on our kitchen table for one of them which means my husband is going to have to snap a couple pictures.
-At that point I print them out on black and white, and start sketching in earnest. Sketches get cut apart, taped back together, & stuck up to the light so I can see them in reverse. I can do this in Photoshop shop too. It depends on how much tweaking the initial sketch needs.
-I trace over my rough sketch and draw. This drawing is still very simple with no shading. If it works for me, I transfer it to my final paper, which for paintings is Canson Acrylic paper and for drawings is Strathmore recycled drawing paper, which I prefer for the cream color of the paper itself.


doodlesprincesswitch IMG_3160 IMG_3161 IMG_3162

securedownloadI’m excited to say that I am now represented by Contact Jupiter! So far they have been a joy to work with and I can’t recommend them enough. I’m very excited to see what 2015 will bring.

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