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Monthly Archives: August 2011

i’ve been wanting to post some of the clothes i’ve made, but painting has been occupying all of my time. however, i finally got it together, a little, to post a blouse i made 2 years ago when i was pregnant with karl.
first, i really wanted a cool cotton blouse for the months of august and september. we lived in san francisco at the time and no one has air conditioning. even though i’m normally cold all the time i was hot-hot-hot when i was pregnant. i found some lovely cotton and preshrunk it.
i used the top and back of burda 6/2009 # 123 and the bottom of burda 2/2009 #110. on #110’s piece i didn’t cut it on a fold. instead i extended the fold another 2 inches and connected the front center pieces with a seam. the most challenging issue was the bust. i wasn’t sure what to make in order to accommodate pregnant/nursing breasts. i ended up adding 2″ to my bust measurement in preparation and it worked out wonderfully. but for you, i would ask whichever female relative you take after and get a good estimate.

here are some photos of me while pregnant.

but, they don’t really show the blouse, probably bc my priority was getting shots of my tummy.
so, today i took some photos~
trimmed with ric rac. 
i love the sleeves. 
here are some pictures of my blouse from different angles. there are more details to be be seen, but since i’m not pregnant it doesn’t fit right.   
i like the back quite a bit. it reminds me of a sack backed dress. 
i feel like the mymble from “moomin.”
plenty of tummy room. 

ps~ taking actual pictures of myself is very awkward. trying to figure out what to do with my arms so that people could see the blouse was murder! 
from burdastyle 6/2009 and 2/2009

my blog will no doubt be a mess for a while 😉

“Put your ray gun to my head
Press your space face close to mine, love”

the first picture i drew for mikael was us as aliens. happy anniversary to my sci-fi, horror, weird fantasy, comic dream man. four years isn’t long enough. i love you.