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i tend to do everything in batches: i do a lot of rough sketches first. then i transfer those onto watercolor paper. when i have a pile, sometimes 5- 15 then i’ll start painting. it’s like i have to get everything out of my head first, drawing wise, then i can worry about color. 

right now i just finished drawing wonder woman & i have roughs of:
poison ivy
& her alter ego barbara gordon

in the finished waiting for color catagory i have:
wonder woman
george harrison is my power animal
dark horse
black rainbow

and in the finished & needs to be formatted & test printed for sale there’s:
the lovecraft series
fairy postcards.

oh yeah, & we’re moving october 4th so i have to pack.

my friend jennifer recently commissioned me to make some art for her. she’s an amazing voice artist, in addition to being a great beauty. we talked ideas for a few minutes & settled on her face & a mic. i focused on her green eyes & great mouth. briefly she was a “party princess”, someone who dressed as a disney princess for childrens’ parties. as you can guess, she was a big hit.

the finished piece~

here’s some of the process:
first i sketched her face, then i found a photo of a vintage mic & sketched that as well. then i scanned it into photoshop. i adjusted the levels & contrast so that the blacks were black & the whites were white.

next, i made the line drawing transparent. & using quick mask mode i pasted it into a new layer filled with dark brown. hide or erase your original layer & you’re left with a dark brown outline.

then,  i made a seperate layer for every color, that way if i didn’t like something or if jenn didn’t like something it would be easy to replace it.

i kept adding layers until i got something detailed, but not too sculptured. it’s going to be a cd cover so i need it to “read” easily. my color style inspirarion when i wirk in digital colors is herge’s “tintin” comics as well as other european comic artists like francois schuiten & milo manara.

jennifer is also going to put  an image on the cd itself.

and there you are! this weekend is the “renegade craft fair” here in san francisco. i can’t wait to see all of the goodies! maybe i’ll see you there – i’ll be the tall brunette girl with the baby 😀