star girl

Star Girlsurrounded by some of my favorite constellations, {from left to right- ophiuchus, capricorn, ursa major, perseus, aries, and pisces.} our charming alien looks human enough, but her star freckles give away her otherworldly origins. prints available at my shopi first showed you the drawing here:star freckles she was also used as a poster for novacriminal

novacriminal cd art

novacriminal is coming out with a new cd & asked me to do their cover. i occasionally do posters for them {& their previous incarnation, “whirling dervish”} as well. their drummer, bill brandon, came up with the basic idea of a city squeezed by cars & asked me to run with it.  i have a…


novapolicewoman arresting novacriminal india ink on watercolor paper ~poster for “novacriminal” the band.


the whirling dervish {update:they are now “novacriminal“}commissioned this drawing from me. their drummer formatted it into poster form. and here it is on the wall advertising the show.