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Star Girl

surrounded by some of my favorite constellations, {from left to right- ophiuchus, capricorn, ursa major, perseus, aries, and pisces.} our charming alien looks human enough, but her star freckles give away her otherworldly origins. 
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i first showed you the drawing here:
star freckles

she was also used as a poster for novacriminal

novacriminal is coming out with a new cd & asked me to do their cover. i occasionally do posters for them {& their previous incarnation, “whirling dervish”} as well. their drummer, bill brandon, came up with the basic idea of a city squeezed by cars & asked me to run with it.  
i have a few books on old 1930s new york so i scanned in a bunch of buildings, arraigned them & squeezed them into shape. i painted the highways, then i scanned in a bunch of car crashes & pulled, squeezed, lightened, darkened, added, & subtracted from them until i had enough cars to create the auto~mess you see. it’s difficult to see but there are tiny car crashes all along the highways. cars are on their sides, some are turned over & others are piled up. i created the clouds from vector shapes & edited them, including one of my favorite effects, “pixilate”. pixilate gives it that fun, old comic book dottiness. the font will probably change. i’m perpetually in love with courier ;D  
i went to the levi’s print shop in san francisco & was bowled over by the beautiful screen prints they had there. i was inspired to make something similar with muted colors & simple shapes. please visit novacriminal to see when they play next 😀

novapolicewoman arresting novacriminal

india ink on watercolor paper

~poster for “novacriminal” the band.

the whirling dervish {update:they are now “novacriminal“}commissioned this drawing from me. their drummer formatted it into poster form.

and here it is on the wall advertising the show.