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Monthly Archives: March 2013

I am participating in “Mail Me Art 3.” It’s a fun project where you draw/paint/whatever on an envelope and mail it to Darren Di Lieto of The Little Chimp Society. It will be exhibited in the UK and any profits from the sales of the work will be divided between three organisations: Water Aid, Teenage Cancer Trust and Animal Aid.


Power Animal
pencil on paper

I love that you can see the wear and postal marks! Is that weird? Anyway, her badge was originally going to say “Lonely Heart.” Then my tiny grey cells remembered that that’s the tag line of a very famous pop surrealist so I changed it to a dark horse, which actually fit the theme better.

The original rough sketch is from 4 years ago. I’ve been sitting on it trying to figure out if I wanted to paint it and if so, in what medium: watercolor/gouache, acrylic, or digital. For this project, I redrew the woman, leaving out the rest of her body. I hauled out my giant book of clip art animal reference and paged through the section on birds, trying to decide whose (who’s?) feathers he should have. They ended up mostly fanciful with a little input from some sort of Indian hawk (which seems apropos).  Next I propped open the B Anthology book, searching for the right face. This isn’t from the Pepper period, but it felt right. He didn’t have a beard in the photo so I added one. I’ve been Team Beard since I was a kid. You can see a snap shot I took the book/art mess I made of the kitchen table HERE.

It’s a great project that benefits charity and pushes me out of my Gollum-like comfort zone regarding exhibiting my art.

Here is the last installment of Dare Wright’s “Lona.” I hope you enjoyed it and it inspires you to seek out her charming work. I can only hope to one day produced such lovely, subdued work.


This was challenging for me because I’m not very good with clean graphics.

I’m best at an obviously penciled, wandering line and I tend to create static symmetrical shapes- which is probably why I like Gustav Klimt so much- as opposed to the sharp, curving arc and oval based designs that make lovely tattoos.
I drew the heart, celtic thorns, and flames. Then scanned them in and used clip art for the nautical stars, crown, and banner. I felt that this gave it a nice “flash art” tattoo feel. Then I printed everything out together, stuck it on my lightbox and redrew it. Afterwards, I scanned in the finished hand drawn piece and colored it in photoshop, with a subdued palette meant to look like old, faded black tattoo ink, which starts to turn grey (and sometimes greenish).

Check it out over at the Story Shack!

Like the leaf clings to the tree,
Oh, my darling, cling to me…


My illustration for “The Gift” is up over at The Story Shack. This was another tricky one. The story has a surprise ending and the challenge is to give clues, without completely spoiling it. I like to think people will reach the end and then scroll back to the top and say, “Ohhhhh, right. Ok.” Or at least I hope they do 😀