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Monthly Archives: August 2013

So, my husband and I forgot our anniversary.¬†Someone well wished us 2 days before on facebook and that’s when we remembered. Whoops! In our defense, we were preparing to have Mikael’s parents come up for a 10 day stay, so we were scrambling to get the apartment into not just clean, but, “guest clean.”

Five years of married life! It doesn’t feel like we’ve been together that long. I feel like I’ll be saying the same thing ten years from now. Some people I know get really freaked out by marriage, but when you’re with someone that you not only have a lot in common with, but both of you are also committed to compromise and working together, it is amazing. It also doesn’t hurt when your significant other is a total fox. Instead of scrambling and stressing about planning something, we decided to forego presents for each other and spend our money going places with his parents. Seriously, we’re so lucky right now. The last thing we need is more “stuff” just for the sake of saying, “this is my official anniversary gift.”

Instead, we went to the Nasa Ames Exploration Center in San Jose. We had a blast!


photo (1)

Karl is mega excited. He’s been really into planets and space lately.

photo (2)

It was really dark inside because most of the exhibits were illuminated. Karl as an astronaut.

photo (3)

I had to get my picture with the large astronaut cutout. Mikael was too shy to have his picture taken.

photo (4)

Mikael and Karl In the space station.

photo (5)

Gemini and Mercury spacesuits! If you want to know more about the evolution of Nasa’s spacesuits, check this out.

photo (6)

The space shuttle simulation

photo (7)

Karl and I fought over who was the captain.

photo (8)

Standing in astronaut prints.

photo (9)

Karl and his Grandfather

We had such a great time. It’s free and definitely worth going to if you love science, space, and exploration!


You were a mostly terrible person, but I find you endlessly fascinating probably because I have questionable taste in people.

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p.s.~ I was on vacation and am now frantically trying to complete a medium sized commission. But I have lots to blog about, including a NASA museum!