AP Bio -the not so charming story of a villain

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My husband has started watching AP Bio. I’m not really the biggest fan of modern sitcoms. Their particular brand of “everything goes wrong all the time and it’s hilarious!” is incredibly stressful to me. I dutifully watched an episode of Ap Bio before realizing I hated the main character. A lot.That being said, Patton Oswalt is great (as always). The teachers and students are great as well.

Over the last few weeks and more exposure to AP Bio I realized something. I turned to Mikael and said, “I’m pretty sure this character is a sociopath. He lacks empathy for others and only sees them as objects that either aid or hinder him. I notice they throw the audience a bone at the end of each episode to suggest the main character has some buried feelings, but it’s pretty weak. I’d almost think he was a narcissist, but the way his mask drops when he’s around his students is pretty telling. He doesn’t care that they know he sees them as a means to an end” (Who knows, but even if he is a Narcissist instead of a Sociopath, it’s still pretty effed up.)

I read once that each generation reinvents its horror to reflect what they’re really afraid of. In this case, I’m pretty sure that means we’re terrified of our futures being left in the hands of a malignant autocrat who sees us as insignificant pawns in their pursuit of self aggrandizement.

I guess my recommendation of whether or not the show’s worth watching is how much that freaks you out. For me, it’s pretty much a deal breaker.


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  1. me says:

    I love the female student with the really thick glasses. She cracks me up.

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