Hazy Cosmic Jive -4/25/17

I’ve been trying to figure out where to log whatever links I’ve been looking at lately. I’ve been using Facebook less and less over the past 2 years and they are really hard to search when you want to find something you posted. Instagram doesn’t support links and penalizes you if you post too many “off brand” posts- (basically, off topic posts result in low engagement and Instagram’s algorithm counts that low engagement against you by reducing your organic reach even further than they already do. Yeah, they’re evil. Some of my favorite artists delete any posts that receive low engagement because they don’t want to be penalized.) Vero died (seriously, so sad about this). Anyway, all this word blab means I’m going to dump them here. My blog’s not monetized and it doesn’t drive a significant percentage of people to my shops anyway.


1.Clara Luciani sings Lana Del Rey’s,”Blue Jeans in French.”
I couldn’t find anything on her in English, so I ran this article through chrome’s auto translator.

2.I want everything from this company. Insanely cute Swedish kid and house stuff, like IKEA on steroids. 

3.A Vanity Fair slideshow of the Queen’s corgis. Obviously I just started watching, “The Crown.”

4.Beautiful Japanese ballerina, Mayu Oguri in unearthly poses by fellow Japanese photographer, Sayuri Ichida. Mayu lives in New York and I’m think Sayuri does too.



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