Barbarella ~The planets all stand still

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Prints available in my shop~

Barbarella is a terrible movie, but I still love it. A lot. I have a major soft spot for “Space Girls”, especially when their costumes are as epic as Barbarella’s.
Jane Fonda is a tough one. I know people across the spectrum who still hate her for her Hanoi Jane phase. I don’t really judge her for that simply because she’s since apologized and because famous people have a knack for doing spectacularly stupid, destructive things quite often. I assume it comes from living in a bubble of pure money and fame where everyone tells you that everything you’re doing is not only normal, but also the best. I’m pretty sure Hollywood is actually built on top of the Matmos.
If you are interested in the movie, Jane, or both, then I suggest listening to the Jane Fonda/Barbarella episode of the podcast, “You Must Remember This.”¬†Karina Longworth is great. It took me a long time to get into podcasts because I don’t like listening to people talk, but Longworth has a wealth of information, as well as some great opinions. My friend Heather kept talking up this podcast and I’m so glad she did. Totally worth it.
Anyway, this continues my watercolor adventure. Watercolor paper with a grisaille drawing and washes over it. I especially enjoy that it reminds me of a panel from a faded comic book. I haven’t decided if I’m going to sell it, but probably not. I may offer small prints in the near future.
I still have 2 other Barbarella themed paintings in the works, but since I ignorantly drew them on the wrong kind of paper, I have to transfer them to the correct paper. That may or may not happen for a while because I have some other characters that have been waiting for watercolor.

Yes, she really is terrible at everything except sex, buuuuuut she looks so great. Also, The Great Tyrant makes up for everything and is pure #goals.


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