Jinkies! Velma Dinkley

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 7.59.06 AM

Velma encounters The Ghost of Captain Cutler on a moonlit night!
5″x7″ ink and acrylic paint
in my Etsy shop. 

I think everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to how they think a character should look. For instance, I’m not a big fan of hourglass Velma. For me, Velma doesn’t look “right” unless she’s an apple shape. This still from the original series is a great example of what I’m talking about- Velma is short, stocky, and busty. Even though it’s a portrait shot instead of full body, I tried to pay homage to that original look.

And in case you were wondering, the Scooby gang were based (looks wise) on the cast of “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis.” You can see the prototypes for Shaggy, Fred, and Velma. Shaggy was based on Bob Denver! And Tuesday Weld was the model for Daphne-

Luckily, the Scooby gang were given their own personalities, which were deepened in the magnificent 2 year series, “Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc.” If you love spooky kids shows, I can’t recommend Mystery Inc enough. It begins fairly boilerplate in terms of character development- and then goes completely sideways in the best way. Fred, who is so bland in every other series, is amazing and ended up my favorite character!
Velma concludes my efforts in the #cartoonmania challenge. I had a great time working in ink again, but I feel like I’m ready to do some more detailed work in pencil (like my Drawlloween pictures), as well as get back into watercolor.


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