Society6 Print Sale Today!

I finally have archival prints available at Society 6. It took me a long time to commit because I was hoping Redbubble would eventually have small giclees, but they still don’t. I still don’t know if Society6 fits my personality as much as Redbubble did, but their quality and size options are perfect. In a…

Fox Face

The Fox Face original is available in my shop

Barbarella ~The planets all stand still

Prints available in my shop~ Barbarella is a terrible movie, but I still love it. A lot. I have a major soft spot for “Space Girls”, especially when their costumes are as epic as Barbarella’s. Jane Fonda is a tough one. I know people across the spectrum who still hate her for her Hanoi Jane…

Anna Karina

Prints available in my shop~ I’ve been working on creating a halfway point between my pencil work and my fully painted gouache work. I love making detailed pencil drawings and always have. And I love that I got to a place with gouache that’s rich, deep, and detailed. But, I also need something in between….

Jinkies! Velma Dinkley

Velma encounters The Ghost of Captain Cutler on a moonlit night! 5″x7″ ink and acrylic paint in my Etsy shop.  I think everyone has their pet peeves when it comes to how they think a character should look. For instance, I’m not a big fan of hourglass Velma. For me, Velma doesn’t look “right” unless…