Mad Madam Mim

“Silvery voice, long purple hair… Black sorcery is my cup of tea!” If you haven’t checked out her hilarious song, I definitely suggest you YouTube it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 5.24.24 PM
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 5.24.11 PM

I’d say the first picture, with the pinker skin is more color correct (hopefully on your device too). 5″x7″ gouache on Canson Acrylic paper. Sealed with fixative.
This is for the Poison Candy Artist Collective’s Disney Auction in December. I don’t think Mad Madam Mim is a character that many people remember. She’s from Disney’s version of “The Sword in the Stone”, a movie I was really into as a kid thanks to my lifelong crush on all things Arthurian. Madam Mim is a sorceress who battles Merlin in a wizards duel. Right before that she sings a song to the child Arthur who she’s holding captive. In it, she delights in her ugliness. As she shows, she CAN turn into a beautiful young woman, but she chooses to not live that way permanently. She’s very funny and very awful. lol, #goalz
I did have some trouble with this painting because deep pink and purple are my two least favorite colors. But her purple hair was a lot of fun to paint. I do love technicolor hair! The other challenge was her costume- or lack of one. In the film she wears what appears to be a camisole and skirt. Not exactly exciting. I abandoned any hope of historical accuracy and just made a 50s/60s Marilyn Monroe type of costume.
All in all, it’s been great getting back into painting. This one however took me 3 times… 3… times. The first two times I was being stubborn and trying to use a very smooth Bristol that I’d been drawing on. But it was far too smooth to absorb or even hold the paint. I switched over to my rock steady Canson Acrylic and everything went well right away.
video of try number 1

and here’s a wip of the 3rd time, along with some Robert McGinnis inspiration-
Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 5.41.11 PM

Mad Madam Mim on Youtube

Next up, my other Disney piece, Maid Marian.


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