Bowie Station One, Mars Hab: Aquired

We bought a house. Going from Northern California, in an extremely crowded suburban area to a much, much sparser suburb in Southern California feels like we’re on another planet. We’re in a valley, surrounded by snow capped mountains. The desolate earth on the mountains is orange with pale green shadows. It looks like Mars. I love it.

man.who.fell.06.jpg (480×206)

Westworld-008.jpg (460×276)

Westworld-Harris-640x370.png (640×370)

st-george-and-the-dragon.jpg!Blog.jpg (500×384)

StarTrek-Gorn.jpg (512×384)

landscape.jpg (550×234)

The-Martian-Matt-Damon-Hamilton-Watch-5-e1444254047850.jpg (600×306)
7.jpg (651×392)
starwars-forceawakens-rey123.jpg (1000×500)
Star Wars - New Tatooine T-Shirt

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