Patterns for Sale- Colette

These patterns have sold-
As I’ve been cleaning and packing I took a good, hard look at my sewing supplies. I haven’t sewn in years and I’m going to blame the baby. Realistically, it’ll probably be another 3 years before I have the time. And to be honest, when I do start up again, I’m not going to want to fiddle with doing a SBA. So, I’m selling my Colette patterns. I’ve already sold one, but I have the Anise coat and the Rooibos dress left. I’m selling them for $12.00 if anyone is interested. You can check them out in my etsy shop, or email me at if you don’t want to mess with etsy (some people don’t like it).



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  1. these are cute~ I wish i knew how to sew!

    1. lol! It’s a pretty time consuming hobby, that’s for sure.

  2. So cute! I love your taste in sewing patterns. Thanks gawds for Pinterest to exercise our sewing inspiration! I too have discovered No Pattern Needed and am desparte to make that triangle sweater! Also I am so grateful for introducing me to DIY Couture! I have FINALLY ordered a copy, but would never have known about it except for you! xo To your return to sewing whenever that may be! Happy weekend and happy sales love.

    1. I hope you like the book. I think the projects are really on trend right now with the soft minimalism that’s so popular. I can’t wait to see what you make!
      I think I’ve definitely reached the age where Colette Patterns are too cutesy for me 😀 I’ve been dreaming about simpler clothes.

      1. I so get that. I was wearing short babydolldresses in my 30s still, now i’m like I could do an empiremaxi sure,but a babydoll, never again…. outside of bed! 😉

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