News and “Fox Face”~

Spring and Summer were stressful and busy. Spring brought me 1, maybe 2 kidney stones and the continuation of my inflamed, painful joints. I wasn’t sure, exactly if I was going to be okay. The good news is, I may have found out my problem and how to treat it. Due to my alkaline kidney stone(s), I asked for a magnesium test. Sure enough, I am magnesium deficient. I started taking a supplement and using a lotion. It takes a long time to safely build up your magnesium stores, but hopefully it’ll all work out. I think there’s a possibility that my sigmoid colon was damaged while I was pregnant and that interfered with my absorption of magnesium, which in turn messed up my calcium, and gave me serious constipation, which then irritated my intestines to the point that I had serious problems with digesting a lot of different types of food. Those are just hypotheticals because neither of my doctors have okayed a GI, despite the crippling chronic pain I was dealing with. I’ll have another test for kidney and magnesium in the Fall and hopefully they’ll be good. In any case, the pain is gone* (slight twinges maybe once a week) and I’m able to tolerate different foods. Who knows? Maybe in another year I’ll be able to flat out eat bread again.

Being so sick made me reevaluate what I am doing with my art. When it was really bad, I took everything out of my store. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to hold a pencil or paintbrush to create any more art. I decided I wanted to leave some things to my children. Now that I’ve improved, my feelings haven’t really changed. I don’t know how I feel about selling my art. For one thing- people are not banging on my door to buy it, despite offering payment plans. So many galleries have folded in the last 6 months that that seems incredibly sketchy, not to mention incredibly expensive– It is incredibly expensive to send a painting to a gallery show. Say I have a painting for $200. I have to buy a frame $20-50. I have to ship it $25+ (in the US, much more overseas). I would get 50% and the gallery would get 50%. So on a $200 painting I would make about $25 if I’m lucky. And yes, I know you’re supposed to build the price of the frame and shipping into the painting, but that would make the painting $300+.

The point is, I realized I could make a lot more money with a lot less stress just going to work at a regular job. I’ve never been super interested in being well known. Despite keeping a blog, I’m very introverted. I just like drawing and painting at my own pace. I keep my blog because I like reading about art and artists’ inspirations, process, and techniques, and I think other people like reading about that too. It also helps me to look back on old posts if I forget why or how I did something in one of my paintings.

I do contribute to a bi-monthly art swap on Instagram, “Special Delivery Art Swap,” which is very fun. I was also invited to join an art group on Instagram, The Poison Candy Artist Collective. I’ll be making a drawing or small gouache painting every other month to go into their auction. I think that will satisfy any stirring that occasionally pops up to try and sell my work. After I move and start working full time, and after I amass a larger pool of personal art for my children, I may change my mind and seek out some themed gallery shows near where we’ll be living, so I can just drive the painting over instead of shipping it.

Oh- Also, we are moving. Originally is was going to be August, but now it’s January. One third of our apartment is packed, which makes things very chaotic!
Here is a new drawing I finished this morning~
The original sketch was from a few years ago. I decided I wanted to try and work through and finish some of my old ideas. I redrew her on heavier paper, changed her pose, and changed her mask from a cat to a fox. I would like to make a sister drawing still of the cat girl.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.09.47 PM

Fox Face


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  1. Sending you all the love and healing. It’s true reading about your creative inner life makes me happy and I’m sorry it’s been challenging. I too am trying to find a stable regularl job that won’t crush my soul. Although I think I’ve done a lot of soul protecting work in the last couple of years. I am so glad you are able to focus on your physical healing and grateful that you have continued to share your art and process and will always adore your work. Fox Face is grande.

    1. Thank you so much. I’ve been taking a prolonged Facebook break which has definitely helped.
      Good luck on finding a job you like. I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you ❤

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