The Blood is the Life

After 8 years of vegetarianism I’ve started eating meat again thanks to my gluten intolerance. I’m also not able to eat tofu, so it was kind of a done deal for me. But I have conflicting feelings about it. I don’t generally talk about it unless asked but, I became a vegetarian because I’m not in favor of factory farming practices. I think it’s bad all the way around. Bad for the animals, bad for the taste of the meat, bad for the workers, and generally bad for the environment. But I’ve also been open to the possibility of having to eat meat sometime in the future due to health reasons. I’ve known a few vegetarians who had to start eating meat post menopause because their bodies just weren’t able to extract what they needed from plants anymore- and I’m talking dedicated, lifelong vegetarians. But I assumed that day would be far in the future if it ever came at all.

As for my husband, he thinks it’s really gross. He’s been a vegetarian and occasional vegan since he was 16. I’m pretty sure it’s like finding out that your wife was bitten by a werewolf. I mean technically it’s a medical situation- and I won’t get too personal with the details, but eating gluten free with no tofu was making me really sick in a totally different way. After my hair started falling out and my weight went into free fall it was actually my husband’s idea for me to start eating meat. Luckily my health has stabilized, but it’s still an adjustment for him. He’s not going full Darrin Stephens here, but he’s trying. He didn’t even get grossed out last night even though I reeked of bacon.

In case you’re wondering, eating meat is not super duper the bestest thing ever. It’s definitely been nice to have some variety, taste wise, but it’s not so fucking spectacular that I regret my vegetarian. I’d rather stuff my face with cookies and bread, but that ship has sailed. And eating the gluten free versions too often hurts my stomach, so it’s pretty much a twice monthly thing. They don’t give me a reaction, just a general feeling of being a child that ate too much candy. The thing eating meat has helped with is a feeling of fullness. I was just hungry all the time. All the frickin time. Like a crazy, “I want to eat your face!” kind of hunger. But it’s better now.

Btw- here’s a selfie of me at Five Guys-



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