One of the things I wanted to accomplish with my 2015 Sketchbook Project, “Princess Witch,” was to actually use it as a way to narrow down which ideas I wanted to paint. I started with “Roxanne,” which although simple, is one of my favorites from the series. I chose “Roxanne” as a name bc one of its meanings is “bright” and I like the idea of a how a hypercube looks like a diamond.
9″ x 12″
Gouache and Acrylic on 185 lb. Paper

photo (7)Gold Acrylic

web11RoxanneThe original sketchbook sketch

photo (8)I’ve been wearing my new dress non-stop lately. The weather here has been bonkers- HOT-COLD-HOT! I find this little cotton dress to work in whatever temperature. I’m so in love with its pretty gold geometric print.
And now, some of my other favorite “Roxanne”s~

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  1. #UGH I love the film Roxanne and I adore The Police. And How did I miss that dress. I want that ring. #AllTheLove for this post. 🙂

    1. I love Steve Martin. He is so crush-worthy. I know they go in and out of style, but The Police are just so great. I’m really feeling the 80s right now. Must be my version of a mid-life crises 😉
      Now that I’m done with having babies I feel more secure in being able to make clothes that I’m going to be able to wear for the next 10+ years (until menopause hits and my body changes again). I have a couple of art pieces to do in the next few weeks and then I’m going to bang out another simple Summer dress.

      1. I am working on summer staples right now! If Loving the 80s is mid life crisis material, I’ve been in one my whole life. And The Police are ALWAYS in style for those in the know. 😉

        1. Yes! I can’t wait to see them. Your red refashion dress is adorable!

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