Happy Valentine’s Day to my beautiful husband, Mikael.

Today is one of those days where I don’t want to do anything other than cuddle up with my husband, eat some cookies, and maybe power watch something mindless like “Scrubs.” We’ve both been sick with a sore throat cough so the most romantic thing I can think of is an enormous amount of snuggling on the couch. There may be cocoa involved in my fantasy.
A far as gifts, which are always low key for us, Mikael wanted to do surprises this year. I hate surprises. But I decided to roll with it this year. This organism is trying to evolve!haeckel_radiolaria

My love
Your house has many rooms
The kitchen’s filled with food
I’ll find a place inside

The dreams that pass across your face
Come from a secret place
Everyone close your eyes

It’s true
I am a shaky ladder
Intergalactic matter
Outside of space and time

But who is standing on your street
These buildings are not real
My tricks are useless here

“It’s true”
That’s what a lover hears
It’s what a fool believes
It’s not too late to try

I’ll step out from the shadows
Intergalactic matter
Outside of space and time

Dirty feet
Broke your teeth
Somewhere out beyond the stars
A funny face
Some lost in space
Are we?

Everyone’s enlightened everyday
You may reach nirvana when you comb your hair

I know
We’ll join this cosmic saga
Intergalactic matter
Where we will meet tonight
Spiralling out of sight
Outside of space and time