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Watched Backstrom last night. I love Rainn Wilson, but I’m over the trope. I was WAY over it while watching House- but the fine supporting cast kept me hooked. “Brilliant Asshole” still has the ability to provide some fun, but it’s going to have to be fresher. I don’t need another “not really racist-sexist cause they’re just tellin’ it like it is” character. 1. You’re never going to do it better than Hunter Thompson did in real life,

hunter-s-thompson-liebowitzand 2. you need an emotional anchor. Sherlock has Watson, House has Wilson & Cuddy, Bones has Booth, Angela, Cam… okay, she has every other character in the show.
Here’s a news flash for you- you know what would be really shocking in a crime procedural? The brilliant asshole not being racist & sexist. How about a character that had picked up a book? Orrrrrrrr, ventured out of their office? Right? OMG! No way! If you want to drop some fucking “truth bombs” how about you have the “smart” character call the other characters on their bullshit while still acknowledging that yes, sometimes women are more in touch with their feelings or yes, sometimes people who aren’t white commit crimes? How about having the kindly Hindu doctor shut down Backstrom’s 9th grade soliloquy about how everyone’s afraid of death? Hey man, afraid of death? That’s fucking DEEP. Or- no wait, that’s merely a normal experience of most observed life on Earth.

Step it up. Wilson deserves better and so do we.

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  1. OMG It is the trope that won’t die. And lazy.

    I love my crime shows, not going to lie. I never really got into Bones or House, but adore Sherlock, nearly every incarnation there is. Agreed Emotional anchors are what make the “Brilliant Assholes” multi-dimensional and engage in some personal development. Otherwise, its just a lot of sad and ugly and gets really old really fast. Thanks for the review Love!

    1. You’re welcome! I wasn’t able to finish watching the series. It was just awful. Poor Rainn Wilson 😦

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