Sketchbook Project~ Doodles and Sketches

I thought I’d missed the deadline to send in my Sketchbook Project, but luckily I haven’t! It’s due in March. Last night I stayed up and collected all my doodles (they hardly qualify as sketches now) in one place. As soon as I have a final count for the book then it’ll be on to the next step: reference photos.

My work flow goes something like this- look at photos, movies/tv, & paintings for general mood. This helps a lot with composition. I have numerous Pinterest boards dedicated to inspiration.
– next, I doodle a general layout
-followed by a sketch
– then I take reference photos of myself. I’m going to be laying on our kitchen table for one of them which means my husband is going to have to snap a couple pictures.
-At that point I print them out on black and white, and start sketching in earnest. Sketches get cut apart, taped back together, & stuck up to the light so I can see them in reverse. I can do this in Photoshop shop too. It depends on how much tweaking the initial sketch needs.
-I trace over my rough sketch and draw. This drawing is still very simple with no shading. If it works for me, I transfer it to my final paper, which for paintings is Canson Acrylic paper and for drawings is Strathmore recycled drawing paper, which I prefer for the cream color of the paper itself.


doodlesprincesswitch IMG_3160 IMG_3161 IMG_3162


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