Ground control to Major Tom- new t-shirt


I’ve been working on, well a million projects really, but I’ve been wanting to make some cool t-shirts for my son, Karl. He likes David Bowie, so I dug up one of my old characters, Major Tom, the space cat co-pilot to my space girl, Martine. Available here is baby, children, and adult sizes-

Obviously Major Tom is inspired by Bowie’s tragic, beautiful, and wonderfully weird and hokey song, “A Space Oddity.”

My Major Tom entered cryogenic freeze and was revived thousands of years in the future. He has a successful career as a space pilot and loves his new home planet, Mars, but misses his family. *kri*

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  1. you are incredibly awesome. i want a tshirt! Size 3X so i can flashdance it with some scissors. i need it yesterday please.

    1. blush! I’m glad you like it! One of the things I like about redbubble is they have pretty good size range, unlike some other companies I looked into. If you do end up Flashdancing the neck, please take a pic so I can see 😀

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