2013~ Take one last look at this Sacred Heart

One of the things that’s great about being older is, I’ve had so many years to discover, explore, and love, artists, books, movies, and music. The other day someone posted a Leonard Cohen line, and it suddenly brought me back to where I was when I first heard him (Pump up the Volume) and my subsequent frantic accumulation of secondhand cassettes. Through the years, my favorite song of his teetered between, “The Future,” and “Waiting for the Miracle,” but this one, “Everybody Knows” transports me to that moment- when I’m a young girl in my thrift store dresses (back when they were the only affordable option for someone of my means) with my head shoved between my stereo speakers (the same ones a horrible creature who I had to put up with bc of school politics constantly told me were cheap) listening to various cassettes all purchased for less than $3, giddy with the knowledge that Mr. Cohen understood the absurdity of life.
Life is still frequently absurd. This year came in like a rabid lion and is leaving a ram. Here’s to next year being as wonderful for my friends as the second half of this one was for me.

Happy New Year~


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