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A while ago Elsa posted about dolls which started me thing about making dolls- again. Years ago I became infatuated with volks dolls, especially the 1/6th scale. But adding yet another projects to drawing, painting, and sewing seemed pretty over whelming. But after Elsa’s post, I reconsidered making dolls and perhaps making them out of cloth. When I was a child, my favorite doll was my Bradley pose doll, who I still have. I started searching for tutorials on how to make something similar and found some great resources and inspiration~

95785994217314107cf8bd1603efe113These new pose dolls are by SuperJunk

1044724_10201420621467263_67243201_nThese beautiful cloth dolls are by Matilde Beldroega

1016737_10201420622747295_1809517212_nThis little beauty is by Evangelione (Mei Ying Yeo)

c56f523e4c9cabc6542222185b8339bdLovely vintage pose doll from the site Sprinkles and Puffballs

73530815_9This is from the Varie Doll book- Japanese, untranslated.

il_570xN.430207998_nft1An this lovely doll is from Elizabeth Larson


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  1. I love this last doll. So cute. Great post!

    1. She is a beauty. Larson also has a blonde and a brunette in the same series.

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