Moebius~ Arzach and Big Wow Comic Con

So in love with my Moebius Arzach. I can usually only find “Blueberry” here in the US, so I was pretty stoked to find a guy selling a bunch of Euro comics. This is all in Italian, but I’m primarily interested in the art.

IMG_0517 IMG_0537 IMG_0538 IMG_0539 IMG_0540 IMG_0542
And of course some awesome Cosplayers!
This is Anthony Misiano and His girlfriend as The Joker and Harley Quinn. Sewing nerds take note~ their costumes are amazing. So much texture and detail, it’s nuts. Here’s his website, and here’s his fb. Check him out. Lots of talent. His look is based on Brian Bolland’s amazing Joker from “The Killing Joke.” The art from “The Killing Joke” is what got me into comics. When Tim Burton’s Batman movie came out, the newspaper ran Brian Bolland’s art and I was totally blown away. My older brother read comics, but none of the art was as awesome as that! Anyway, I got super into Batman (and others) and bought everything of Bolland’s that I could get my hands on. More about that later.


Shazam! And Mary Marvel!

969285_10201077237122869_943292916_nAn adorable Deadpool


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