Happy May Day/Beltane~ Teen Crush Edition

Legend, along with Labyrinth, was one of my go to early teen movies. Even at 13/14 when this movie showed up on HBO/Showtime (who knows, we had EVERY pay station) I realized I wasn’t into Tom Cruise but I was totally into Tim Curry- who is dressed as a giant red devil/minotaur creature. And I “Mary Sue’d” the hell out of Lily. I drew both dresses constantly, esp the  gravity defying black dress:

This movie also introduced me to Bryan Ferry (and thus Roxy Music). I used to just rewind the end credits so I could listen to this song. I eventually scraped together enough money and went on the hunt for a Bryan Ferry record. I found a used copy of “Let’s Stick Together” and fell in love. I mean, LOOK at that nose! It’s amazing!


Enjoy his magnificent crooning and godawful 80s wear:

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