Angles and Lines


On my 3rd cup of coffee this morning. Reviewing the sketches for my maps project. Some I love & some are ho-hum. But hopefully the work as a whole will be strong. Yes, those are daffodils and ranunculus in an “Astroids” glass. Ranunculus win for the best “most ridiculous to modern ears” flower names. Daffodils, why are you so short lived? 😦

I see another cup of coffee and some “Red Mars” in my immediate future. My husband is passed out on the couch while our son watches videos about shapes on Dada’s phone. Beware, this thing is an earworm. My little genius still poops his pants but he can tell the difference between a hexagon and a nonagon. wtf?

And speaking of shapes and earworms:

My husband has named this the most pretentious video he’s ever seen. lol, it is, but I still find it lovely XD I think the artist in me thrills every time he breathes deeply and it looks like a canvas sighing, and of course I love it when she starts to move. I’ve also been on a Peter Gabriel, Police/Sting, David Byrne kick lately. The weather’s heating up and I need music that doesn’t feel too emotionally complicated, at least for me. I have a pile of projects and I feel Spring is shaping up nicely!

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