The Tattoo


This was challenging for me because I’m not very good with clean graphics.

I’m best at an obviously penciled, wandering line and I tend to create static symmetrical shapes- which is probably why I like Gustav Klimt so much- as opposed to the sharp, curving arc and oval based designs that make lovely tattoos.
I drew the heart, celtic thorns, and flames. Then scanned them in and used clip art for the nautical stars, crown, and banner. I felt that this gave it a nice “flash art” tattoo feel. Then I printed everything out together, stuck it on my lightbox and redrew it. Afterwards, I scanned in the finished hand drawn piece and colored it in photoshop, with a subdued palette meant to look like old, faded black tattoo ink, which starts to turn grey (and sometimes greenish).

Check it out over at the Story Shack!


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