Papillon Parade Blouse

“You took my hand and led me down to watch a papillon parade,
And we let the kittens lick our hair and drink our chalky lemonade”
~Andrew Bird, Masterfade

I finally finished sewing something. Finally. FINALLY. It’s only been three years, so I may be a little excited. I sewed up a frenzy while I was pregnant, but after my son was born I just couldn’t budget time for husband/child/art/ and sewing. Annnnnd, I have a terrible sewing confession: I was a fast and dirty seamstress. I’d get so excited about making something I’d rush out, buy the fabric, cut it and sew it up- immediately. No pre-washing. Inevitably, when the blouse, dress, or skirt would need washing they’d shrink and obviously no longer fit. Also, seams and hemming, very sloppy. It didn’t even bother me because I’d have so many ideas I’d just move on to the next project. My Grandma would have been horrified.

I knew I wanted to create long term clothes this time around, but inspiration still eluded me. I ordered the Colette Sewing Handbook on a whim. It’s very pastel. Very. Like a packet of candy hearts. I look like shit in pastels, but sometimes you have to break out of your comfort zone. I skulked around the Coletterie blog reading past posts and saw a few patterns made up for Fall/Winter in palates more suited to my coloring (I’m an Autumn) and fell in love. That’s when I ordered the book. I read through it and was impressed. It’s- hands down- the best modern beginner clothes sewing book I’ve come across. I really can’t say enough nice things about the book. I decided to tackle the Licorice dress and make a loose blouse. Because I didn’t sew the waist shaping darts, I didn’t have to do a Small Bust Adjustment- warning, the patterns are drafted for a C-cup instead of the usual B-cup. My original book review is here. I mention having a cold. Turns out that was pneumonia. I got better, but then it was time for the holidays. So yes, now I have finally finished it. I love it. The pattern was a dream to work with.


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted it to be a little short. I’m pear shaped and let me tell you, long loose blouses do not do me any favors. Blouses that hit at my high hip are just right.


SANYO DIGITAL CAMERASoooooooooo, what happened here? Short answer, I forgot to sew them closed and by the time I realized my mistake I’d sewn the outer fabric, collar, and lining together and really, really didn’t want to unpick it.



SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI knew I’d have to narrow the blouse to prevent front and back gaping. I used this tutorial (the second one) and it worked beautifully.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI left the sleeves unlined. Hello Bubo (or Nyctimene, but that story’s kind of gross).



SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAhere it is! What was going on where I forgot this?

Next up, a dress from Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern Book!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Ellen says:

    Great idea to make it into a top.
    I got the book for my birthday a while back but my aim is to start sewing more wearable separates rather than pretty dresses, so you just inspired me to give this a try.

    1. Thank you 😀 I’m trying to add some things to my closet too that I can wear through a few seasons and with separates as well. Haha, it’s hard sometime. I really love dresses.
      ps- if I’d recommend making a muslin. The neckline fit can be tricky. I’ve made bateau necklines before and always get terrible gaps unless I alter the pattern, which I did here. But everything else was wonderful, especially the armholes, which are very comfortable.

  2. Fabulous. I have seen yersterday a fabric with papillons … I have almost bought it… now I know I should do this. It is so summer like! On my list!

    1. It’s a great design for spring and summer. How can anyone go wrong with butterflies! 😀

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