Dark Shadows fashion part 1

I had the pleasure of seeing Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows. And yes, it’s very current Tim Burtony with all of the good and bad that goes with that. The good is that the movie has a lovely painterly aesthetic, without the cgi blurriness of his Alice. There’s still cgi in Dark Shadows, but it’s not as overwhelming (until the end). The bad is that it needed an editor in a couple of scenes (such as the end) that wanted to be “Mars Attacks so-bad-it’s-good” but were instead, just bad. Of course there’s no coherent plot, but after all this time if you’re still watching a Tim Burton film looking for plot then you deserve to be disappointed. Visuals are where he excels, and he mostly delivers. After some opening plot- that will also be all the plot you’ll get for the next 2 hours (until? yes, the end. Not the end-end, which was good, but the almost end. Ugh.)- we have the lovely visual above: a train winding its way through autumnal New England while the Moody Blues, “Nights in White Satin” plays. And since I’m super into autumn trees, I’m pretty much set for the film. But then the real star shows up: Colleen Atwood’s costumes. Do you like 60s/70s bohemia? Troubadours? Barbara Hulaniki’s Biba? Then sit back and enjoy the clothes prOn.

click on pics to enlarge~
No joke, I thought it was, “Knights in White Satin,” and had something to do with courtly love a la, the Rolling Stones, “Lady Jane.” Nope. Totally fooled by those troubadour shirts that the band wore in my imagination. Anyway, how cute is her coat?
Close up of the adorable cloak/coat.
There will be a follow up post regarding Michelle Pfeiffer’s amazing hair. In the meantime check out that gorgeous green and plum print! She’s also wearing macrame owl earrings!
I love the keyhole neckline on Victoria’s dress.
Michelle Pfeiffer/Elizabeth Collins Stoddard killing it.
Adorable jabot. I actually have a pattern from my Grandma with a similar look.
Victoria Winters bears a striking resemblance to Elizabeth…

Helena Bonham Carter as Dr Julia Hoffman wearing vintage Biba

HBC busy being awesome.

Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins. He was pretty funny and definitely enjoyable. Also, his cloak/coat is gorgeous (and actually dark green). His Lugosi crossed with Orlock vampire worked for me visually. He was just handsome enough to be… well, handsome, and just gross enough to be awesome. His hands in particular are delightful. He wears prosthetics and seems to enjoy using the skills he picked up on Ed Wood of hypnotic vampire fingers.


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various patterns from Burdastyle if you’re inclined to create your own romantic 60s/70s style.

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