burda classics

well, it pains me to write it because I’m a total Burda fanatic, but the Burda Classics issue was a bust.

As you can see, the problem with the patterns is that they lack both vintage fit and vintage details. I have a number of Burda patterns with far more detail and much better cut. Few patterns would be fine, but who buys a vintage inspired pattern collection for shapeless styles? 3 of the 5 jackets have very little shaping. And I love pencil shirts, but how hard would it have been to throw in a raised waistband variation? I do realize that 16 patterns for $10 is a steal, so I’m not complaining too much, but I am disappointed. The retro inspired features in Burda’s monthly magazines are some of their best designs. August/2012 retro Chanel/1940s mash up was beautiful! 9/2012 retro 60s and  70s designs were endlessly inspiring and useful. Sigh.
And the dresses give us the choice of super generic LBD and frankly out of place wrap dress.

The faux fur short jacket is cute, but the Chanel inspired jacket is bulky looking in the arms.

The Yves Saint Laurent inspired group was hit or miss, but I did like that they used a mature model. This particular jacket pattern is nice.


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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment about this on my blog. I did get a couple of offers from people to order a copy of the mag for me, but (for varying reasons) I felt like I was putting them out so I let it go. I did think that this issue may pop on ebay at some point so I wasn’t overly worried about it. Now I’m glad I didn’t put anyone to any bother to get me a copy because it is rather disappointing. I recognise most of the patterns as being in issues I already own, and none of them are anything I think “Ooooo, must make!”.

  2. I have bought this issue and I can fully agree that there are not so many new patterns (maybe event not at all); however it is the issue with basic patterns – wardrobe essentials. With these basics you can do everything, modify, use different fabrics – that’s what Burda is all about.
    What I like about this issue is that the size of the patterns starts at 34 (some even 32).
    I am not so sure I will make anything from this issue – but it is nice to look through – there are few nice stylisations.

    1. I think my disappointment stems from the patterns being too basic. Burda’s retro/vintage inspired patterns are so beautiful and detailed that I thought this was going to be more of the same.
      I did like how varied the sizing was!

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