New England Gothic~ Seven Gables sketches and inspiration

I love Fall. Love it. The air just smells better. Green and Orange, the colors of Autumn are my favorites. I was looking through the collections of some designers and Samantha Pleet’s Fall 2012 collection caught my eye. It’s wonderful. Very New England and slightly… witchy? Immediately all I wanted to do was re-read Jackson’s “The Lottery” and  Hawthorne’s “House of the Seven Gables.” I’d already been on a mid-century kick of Anne Sexton after watching the fifth season of Mad Men. Pete Campbell’s glorious summation of his and everyone else on the show’s problem- “And then he realized everything he already had was not right either. And that was why it had happened at all. And that his life with his family was some temporary bandage on a permanent wound,” rang in my head. I don’t generally like producing depressing art anymore. So instead I wanted to capture a little of the freedom and mystery of New England. Beautiful girls with witchy red heels on their sensible oxford shoes and bare legs immune to the cold… ok, obviously not me. I get cold in Southern California, but I can dream!

At first Pete Campbell was going to make a cameo as the Man in the Blue Suit who haunts Shirley Jackson’s brilliant short story collection, “The Lottery” as the “Deamon Lover.” But the layout didn’t work. I may recycle the idea in another picture.
The man was replaced by a house inspired by Hawthorne’s “The House of the Seven Gables” as well as the houses that populate Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. This is a photo of Wyeth’s studio.
I love “The Village,” I know people hate it, but I thought it was a slow, lovely movie with exquisite color and design and subtle performances by Bryce Dallas Howard, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrian Brody, William Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver.
The talented an amazingly beautiful Bryce Dallas Howard as the blind Ivy Walker.
The image that sparked the idea, Samantha Pleet’s Fall 2012 collection.

Seven Gables

Prints for sale in store


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