my comic book inspired wedding invites

My anniversary is approaching {August 2nd} and i was thinking about our wedding and such. in addition to sewing my wedding dress i also drew our invites, r.s.v.p. postcards, and our thank you postcards. my husband and i are both comic book nuts {he said he fell in love on our first date when i said the words, “Frank Miller”}, although due to space we no longer buy issues, just collected graphic novels. and yes, that is “comic sans” on the inside- don’t be a hater ;P

{in case you’re wondering, i’m the owl and he’s the octopus. he’s the best at hugs.}

the front “cover” of our invite.
the inside- note there are no thought bubbles, we’re a modern comic couple ;P
the top image was our r.s.v.p postcard. the bottom was our Thank You postcard.

So, numerous things bug me about them, first and foremost my inability to draw a bike. wow. although at the time i was on a 2 year internet vacation. yes, i spent 2 years without the internet and it was great. but i didn’t have access to stock images of bikes and truthfully, tech is just one of my weakest areas as an artist. c’est la vie 😀

Well, back to working on art. i’m nearly done with my current humongous project!

For more incredibly geeky wedding invites check out this link~


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