Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2012

as you’ve read many times, i think  fashion is boring boring boring mostly because it’s completely unsuited to my body and guaranteed to make me look horrendous. But, all that has changed. i came across Ulyana Sergeenko’s spring fashion line and it is heaven. Harkening back to both Dior’s New Look as well as the style of the Belle Epoch, {Dior’s influence as well} it’s as tasteful as a freshwater pearl in a pile of blood diamonds. In a world where everyone is racing to the bottom and seeking to emulate the lowest common denominator {hello “reality” tv}, Ulyana Sergeenko has designed a line whose express purpose is to not make you look like a cheap old whore {hello “real housewives” of the apocalypse- and no offense to real whores who deserve their dollars more than those bags.}
check it out~

{photo via~ honeykennedy}
what gorgeous sleeves! and the tea gown length is to die for! however, playas and bros aren’t going to try and dry hump you while pretending they’re dancing, so this may not appeal to you. 

{photo via~ honestlywtf}
i’m in love with both of these dresses. The girls look so fresh and lovely! “But Betty!” you say,”they aren’t practical! Or sexy!” To that i answer, “neither is my ass falling out of my stupid “mid-rise” pants every time i lean over to pick up my son.” I’m not going to make a speech about how a lady should have “mystery” or “modesty” because i don’t really believe that’s true. This isn’t about “how to attract a man”- which is really, “how to get as many dudes to want to have sex with you so you can feel powerful and lord it over other men and women.” It’s about my concept of what’s pretty, which is this. 
these clothes aren’t going to make tattooed guys call you “babygirl” and offer you a ride on their chopper. No one is going to catcall you and gallantly offer to “tap dat ass.” In fact, people will probably just think you’re weird or on your way to a wedding or funeral. 
But every once in a while i see something, like this, that soothes my aching eyes and offers a respite from the tide of ugly that washes over me every time i open a webpage that screams “what people are wearing!” And for that small mercy i thank Ulyana Sergeenko for her beautiful collection of clothes.

if you’d like to see more, check out my pinterest board. It includes the original urls as well, so you can surf to your delight!
Ulyana has a blog where you can also look at her winter collection.
And here are photos from backstage of the Spring 2010 show.


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