the devil’s dance floor~

“The Devil’s Dance Floor” 

Lovely minion of the netherworld dances an unearthly jig. Can you keep up?
prints in the shop!

“Well she took me by the hand
I could see she was a fiery one
Her legs ran all the way
Up to heaven and past Avalon …” ~Flogging Molly
Maybe it’s because i’m an aries, or maybe i ate too much Underwood Ham as a child, but i’ve always liked horns and hooves. The glaistig is a celtic fairy {or faerie} with the appearance of a beautiful young women, but with the legs of a goat, which she hides under a long skirt. Some legends say she lures men to dance with her and then feeds on their blood. She is usually kind to children and old people. {thanks “Faeries” by Froud and Lee.}

india ink on bristol board, colored digitally.


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