fashion for "the Birds"

fashion- and fashionable people- always strikes me as being rather silly. style and stylish people on the other hand… fill me with delight, which is rather silly too, but what’s a person to do?
Alfred Hitchcock was, strangely, someone with an unerring eye toward female style. While Edith Head was Hitch’s favorite costume designer, he was apparently very vocal about what his heroines could and could not wear on screen.

I first saw “The Birds” when i was little kid, probably far too little to be watching something like that, though i didn’t end up with a bird phobia or anything. My mother actually has a fear of birds- not caused by this movie- but definitely aggravated by it. Her doctor is going to have a ball figuring that one out for her.

In their september 2009 issue {09/2009}, Burda Magazine ran sewing patterns inspired by Hitchcock’s famous film style.

i love the clipped lapels on this jacket. 

this jacket and skirt are classic and modern. i love the swinging Jackie Kennedy look.
this dress is easily my favorite of the bunch. it has both a 1940s Notorious Ingrid Bergman feel, but it could also, just as easily be a futuristic Blade Runner Rachel style dress. 
i think the styling alone sells this for me. My grandmother had a set of black pearls she got when she lived in various islands in the Pacific.  

Hitchcock inspired Vogue fashion editorial photographed by Mario Testino. Fashion Editor- the divine Grace Coddington.

yes, that is Pierce Brosnan. 

oh hey, i’m the heroine bc i’m rich and blonde. 
gurl, you shoulda bleached your hair bc shit is gonna get real. {alas, events bode ill for any brunette who dares show her face in Hitchcock’s films.}
Hitchcock wants me to do what? … and this is why i smoke. {Tippi Hedren had a small breakdown after filming a particularly grueling scene.}

screenshots via~ screenshotworld

also check out beadinggem~ birds movie inspired jewelry photoshoot

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