So, we moved back to Northern California. I love it here! Every house is pretty much the most beautiful little thing you’ve ever seen. They’re all victorians or craftsman. I’ll post some photos here or on my flickr soon. In other news, I finally finished a commission. However, i’m unable to talk about or post art related to it until it’s closer to being published. This is still probably a year or 2 in the future though. 
In the meantime, here a few recent sketches~ 

a medieval maiden. i’m still immeshed in “Game of Thrones” and it’s entire series so i have a fierce case of medieval madness! If you love the series swing by my utterly ridiculous twitter. I tweet as Jon Connington, doomed knight from “A Dance with Dragons.” My Jon had a nervous breakdown and travels Westeros in search of the perfect party. 

my other ongoing obsession: Mad Men! A sketch of Don Draper giving someone his patented, “you’re a idiot” glance.

See you later!